Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tip of the Hat - 2

Tip One

The very courteous fellow to the right has a couple of nice links for you today.

First up is an interesting version of a technique I have not tried as yet, Snow Dying! There's a good reason for snow.

Uta Link is an artist who lives in Germany and I believe they may have the snow we are missing. I met Uta at the opening reception for Color Improvisations which was held in Stuttgart, Germany. Uta has two works in that show and she maintains an active blog titled Just Quilts.

You can drop by her blog and find a couple of articles on her snow dying process but I want to refer specifically to her description pf Ice Dying. We do have ice here in South Carolina and when it's a little warmer I plan to try this interesting technique. From her examples I'd have to say it produces some beautiful fabrics.

These are examples of ice-dying from Uta. Be sure and check out her sales site, Just Colors. She has just posted information regarding international sales.

Tip Two

In the future, newspaper may will be considered a luxury material but for now it's still fairly common and still finds it's way into the bottom of birdcages and wrapped around fish at some markets. However, if you'd like to see a more creative transformation of this humble material you will enjoy visiting The greenUPGRADER website. Here you will find articles relating to living the Green Lifestyle and a neat way to twist your newspaper into a new life. Check this out:

The transformation is lovely. While I'm not sure how much "fun" it is to spin, the resulting product certainly has lots of creative potential.

Thanks for spending time at Studio 24-7. I love hearing from you and if you do any newspaper spinning please let me know.

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  1. Terry, I've done snow dyeing, and we too have been short on snow this year. However, I would suggest you follow the same proceedure, except use crushed ice. I'm told I could get it from the local ice rink where they empty out the Zamboni, but many (most?) grocery stores which sell ice will also sell it crushed...just ask.

    Then, follow the same procedure as if you were snow dyeing. I find that I get the best results if the snow/ice melts slowly and has an opportunity to re-freeze. This weekend, we will have some below freezing weather at night, so I intend to do some then and I'm going to be experimenting with some other dyes I have in mind. :)


  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the information. Have fun with that weekend dying!