Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Fever 2012

Spring in South Carolina

It may only be the middle of March but spring is already here in South Carolina full force as I know it is in other areas. The jonquils are blooming as are many of the flowering shrubs and the Bradford Pear, Cherry trees and Japanese Tulip trees have already blown through there flowers. The picture was taken in my garden prior to the time I realized I just couldn't be in sun any more. Poo! I love a long cool spring that lingers into late June but those hopes have been dashed.

I have lived in the south most of my life and have been exposed to more than my share of the sun. I now stay indoors when the sun is really out so I won't be gardening, running in the middle of the day - or any other time - walking only after the sun goes down, nor will I be out on the lake soaking up the heat and more UV rays. I'll be in the same place I am most of the year, in my studio, except now I can spend time in the back studio where I do my dying and other wet work. During the cold weather we do not heat that building everyday or at night so I plan to make the most of the atmospheric heat this summer.

The last couple of weeks have been productive and I have lots of things either in process or in my head to start but "the fever" to relax a little is here. So what should I do to relax. I must be some sort of nut because I don't think of sitting somewhere reading a book or drinking a long cold drink. I think....get out the dye pots, clean the studio (don't you think I need to), quilt a couple of pieces that have been "resting", finish some knitting while it isn't tooooo hot etc.

Our cat, Latte, knows how to chill. I woke her up to take her picture. She raised her head, looked at me taking the photo and went back to sleep. I need to occasionally follow her example and get back to my roots. Napping has been a southern custom for a long time. The work will be there after the nap. I'll let you know how that works out.


Thanks for spending time at Studio 24-7. I love hearing from you but please tip toe and don't wake me up. Leave a comment and I'll be sure and respond. Remember.....

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  1. Thank you so much for thtis post! I always appreciate seeing photos that show signs of actual work happening in people's studios, as opposed to the ones where eveything was cleared been shoved under the bed or moved to the neighbor's house because the magazine people are coming.

  2. I appreciate the appreciation! My joke is that I say I'm not expecting Good Housekeeping to stop by anytime soon....thank goodness for that!

    How's your spring fever?

  3. I am so envious! The croci are blooming, the early tulips are up, but nothing like the explosion of color in your garden. The blue of the hydrangea is gorgeous. It also reminded me that I need to go sprinkle some fertilizer on mine so they will at least be a little bit blue. Enjoy the sunshine when you can and thanks!

  4. I am in total does take space and spreads all over one's space. I love the authenticity here. Latte is the one we should all listen to and follow her guidance. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. No matter how much space I have I end up with about the 12 inches right in front of me. Then I know it's time to tidy, which lasts 5 minutes. What a fabulous garden! My hostas are not even thinking of being up yet! Enjoy your nap Terry!

  6. Thank you Jeannie, Mary Helen and Leslie! Latte is about 15 or 16 years old and actually thinks she is a dog. She has napping down cold!

    I will be cleaning up a little later today but first I'm putting new piece on the frame to be quilted.

    I so appreciate hearing from you.

  7. No! Don't clean up ! You'll never be able to find anything !!!!


  8. So is that pictures of MY house - looks like it! I really miss seeing hostas in full bloom, it's too hot here in FL for them. I also think your cat and my dog are related - but my dog is only 5 years old!!!

  9. Hi Mechelle! Thanks for your comment. Every year the summers are getting hotter and hotter and soon will be too hot for the hostas. Very sad.

    I'm thinking your doggie likes to nap. Latte is a master at that ;-)

  10. I too appreciate the authenticity of your studio photos. I once read that boring women have immaculate houses. .....and I bet they don't have studios either :)

    I have a dream of rigging up a big sun proof retractable roof thingamagiggy over the garden I will someday own. In this dream I crank it out when i want to work in the garden, and roll it back when I'm done so the veggies, herbs and flowers get their due.

    Your garden is lovely.

    Up here in Toronto, the crocuses are just coming out. The snowdrops are still in bloom and there's that lovely haze of colour gracing the gtrees with a promise of buds bursting into leaf soon. It's early for us, no doubt we'll have more snow -- but what a lovely treat to have colour popping up in the gardens.

    thanks for sharing -- here's to the muse of creativity perching happily on your shoulder as you plunge into your next great work.

  11. Thank you ever so much Daletom. I loved hearing about your dream and sun proof roof. I think about sun proof everything but mostly I just duck and weave and try to stay out of the way.

    Cyclical things are wonderful. They give you context. Something to miss and something to look forward to. Here's to your bursting buds. xo, T

  12. Terrific photo Terry. You look like you're enveloped in the land of the lost. Here in Cleveland botanical is gray although we've had an unusual few days of 70 degree weather and my daff's are blooming'. Glad to see a studio as it really looks!!!!!

  13. It's going to be another very warm week here too!

    Loved your reference to "land of the lost". Quick, duck, there's a dinosaur! xo, T