Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brigitte Riesebrodt

This week I am featuring artists discovered through Pinterest and all are represented by Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago, IL.  Today's artist is Brigitte Riesebrodt.

Chicago by Brigitte Riesebrodt
oil, wax, collage on canvas
50" x 52", 2004

I am always interested in work which appears it might be constructed from fabric so I was immediately drawn to the work of Brigitte Riesebrodt.  The gallery says her work references Renaissance era painting and nature.  She employes layering techniques with paint, wax, and paper which stress the sensual aspects of these materials.

Sand 1 by Brigitte Riesebrodt
paper, wax, collage on board
10" x 10", 2009

Notice the sizes of these two works.  One is roughly 52 inches square and the second one 10 inches square.  

If you do a search on Brigitte Riesebrodt you will find a number of places to view more work and read about this accomplished artist.


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    1. Thanks Judi! There is more "cool" coming later this week! xo, T

  2. Thanks again, Terry, for introducing me and the rest of your readers to inspiring artists. Amazing artwork! Looking forward to reading about other artists later this week.

    1. Thank you! There is so much beautiful, meaningful art out in the world to discover. Happy you are enjoying my finds.