Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joan Livingstone

Odds and Ends - Joan Livingstone
Felt/Dye/Thread/Acrylic Paint/Grommets
44" x 144" x 3", 2005

Joan Livingstone is the third artist I'm featuring this week from the Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago, IL.  I mentioned in my previous posts that one of the connecting threads between the works I've selected has to do with the visual appearance of the work in that it appears it could have been made using textile materials.  Joan Livingstone's work IS made from textile materials.

Migrations 5.58 - Joan Livingstone
64" x 67" x 7", 2005

I believe my first introduction to Livingstone's work was a description of a workshop at Haystack school on Deer Island, ME.  I loved the edges of the work and the textural surfaces.  This work has strong references to skins/pelts/hides.  It is mysterious and beautifully constructed.  She also makes sculpture but the references to fabric and stitching can be clearly seen.

When you visit Livingstones personal website, give the program time to start as there is an interesting slide show of her work on the homepage.  This slide presentation gives a good idea of the breath of her work.


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    1. Hi Chris! I admire her restraint. The work makes the most of a few elements and I think that is what makes it so powerful! xou