Friday, December 21, 2012

Day Four of Seven Days of Christmas Celebration

The DoubleMint Santas

Remember "clipart" books?  They are still around but most have gone to clipart CDs.  I have a number of these books and many feature items created in the Victorian era such as these Santas.  They are romantic and kind of dreamy.

I was attracted to these "twin" santas because they are the same head just sporting different hats.  I can just see Ole Chris standing in front of his mirror trying on different hats, suits, belts etc mulling over what to wear for this years big trip.  All of this becomes more important when you consider he only gets out once a year and he wants to make a good impression and don't forget he has to change his appearance from one county to the next.  It's surprising he has room in his sleigh for all the toys.

I wonder if Santa wears blue jeans the rest of the year?


Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7.
I sure hope there's a good dry-cleaners
at the North Pole.


  1. And one Santa has blue eyes, the other brown!

  2. Wow! Mechelle. You have very sharp eye be they blue or brown.

  3. Ah, those Santas reminded me of these elves -