Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day Six of Seven Days of Christmas Celebration

One of the famous Coca-Cola Santas.

Well I hope none of you work for Coca-Cola.  If you do, please don't tell them I'm using this image as they might require that I remove it and then cut off my supply of diet Coke.

We live in a culture where we see lots and lots of advertising but there are some images that just stick.  This vision of Santa is one of those that never seems to loose it's charm.  I'm sitting here trying to think of other advertising icons that come close but while I can think of a few, Tony the Tiger, Smokey the Bear for example, I think the Coke Santa wins hands down.

My judgement about this is based on the fact that growing up, we actually left Santa a plate of cookies and a coke for his snack at our house!  Lordy.....powerful stuff.

Well no matter how your Santa looks or what he likes for a snack, the "big" night is getting close.  Hope you have all your shopping done, gifts wrapped, food in the fridge, Santa cookies baked and don't forget the Coke!


Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7.
I have only one gift left to wrap but
I still need to grocery shop.  I'm making a 
banana pudding and some jelly-doughnut
cupcakes....I'm taking care of
the health food portion of
our meal.


  1. funny thing - I never drank coke as a kid - I'm ginger ale girlie through and through - that said I start collecting Coke paraphernalia when I was in college and have a really nice collection now. I have this HUGE Coca-cola Village that is on display Nov - Feb. I have a tree just for my Coke stuff - and Coked up Santa (LOL) can be found throughout my downstairs! Have no idea what the attraction is!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I have all sorts of things that may not seem to "fit" my aesthetic. It is a great mystery. I hope your holiday has been excellent.