Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quilting Machine Survey - Part 2 - Gammill Classic+

Gamill Premiere 18-8

This post presents another excellent review for a Gamill quilting system.  Gamill's quilting systems were the first systems  I recall reading about.  They have a great reputation and I have seen them used in private quilt shops both for commission quilting and for rental purposes.  

Survey Response 

1.  What brand and model of machine do you have? (please tell us the arm size)

  • I have a Gammill Classic+.  It's arm size is 26".  (The model I have pictured is not the Gammill Classic+.)

 2.  Why did you buy this specific machine?

  • Knew of several people with them and liked the reliability of an "industrial" type machine.

 3.  What did your machine costs?

  • Right around $16,000 if memory serves, and it often doesn't.

 4.  How long have you had the machine?

  • Since 2007.  

 5.  What type frame do you use for the machine if it requires a frame?

  • Bought it with the table, 12 ft. also from Gammill.

 6.  What features have been most useful?

  • I think the best feature is the stitch regulator.  It's pretty standard on most machines now, but getting uniform stitches was the biggest problem I had with quilting on a domestic machine.

 7.  What features have been least useful?

  • The regular thread spindles (versus cone threads) that came with it were pretty much worthless.  I could never get accurate stitching when having the thread there, but it was not an additional feature.  They later came out with a different spindle that goes on where the regular cone threads go, which works well.

 8.  Is there any feature you wish you had?  This can be something that is available or not.

  • I would have gone ahead and gotten the adjustable height feature and possibly the 14 ft. which would have made it easier to quilt king size quilts. 

 9.  Have you had any serious mechanical or computer issues with your setup?
  • No issues at all.  It is a workhorse, and I maintain it myself.  It has more basic electronics versus the newer ones.

10. Would you buy the same equipment again?

  • Yes, I would.  Several friends have other machines which seem "wimpy" and less reliable.

11. Would you recommend your machine and frame to your friends?
  • Yes, If you can afford it, it's definitely the machine to have.


Thank you Gammill owner.  I appreciate your reference to ownership and the ability to purchase a high-end machine.   My impression is that while there are certainly differences between machines, all the manufacturers have come a long way in design and function with quilting machines and there are fairly good choices in regards to prices.

Go HERE to see some video of the Gammill Premiere.

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  1. I am wondering how the quilter on the Gammill machine regulates the tension. Is this easy to do? Also does the machine sew easily with different types of thread?

    1. I will email the owner and find out. Thanks for asking.

    2. Yes, my machine sews pretty easily with different threads. I haven't used metallics--just haven't had a quilt where it was appropriate. There are three tension adjustments, two on top like a regular sewing machine and bobbin tension. If you are easily intimidated by adjusting a domestic sewing machine, then you would be as well with a longarm. I'd be happy to answer any other questions...