Monday, September 9, 2013

Exhibitions, Receptions, Birthday Celebration and New Friends

This past weekend was one of the busiest weekends I recall for many years.  The events began Friday evening with a visit to the new Clemson Visual Arts Gallery in Greenville, SC for an informal opening reception.  This will be followed later with a more formal event.

The first show titled Sourcing New Mentors,  features 4 recent Clemson University graduates who all teach at area schools.  Included are Marty Epp-Carter ('09), Michael Marks ('10), Elizabeth Snipes ('07), and Zane Logan ('12).  During the run of the show artists will be swapping work out and installing new work so the show will be ever changing.  For more information about location, hours and mission just follow the above link.

Jane Nodine and I with one of her new works.

We next traveled a few block further to downtown Greenville to visit the Riverworks Gallery which is part of Greenville Technical College.   The featured artist was Jane Nodine from Spartanburg.  The show is half of a large exhibition showing Jane's encaustic painting.  The work at Riverworks is her newest work.  The pieces sparkled and showed the strong personal style Jane always manages to demonstrate in her work.  For more information on this show contact Flemming Markel at and for information on the show at the Greer Campus of Greenville Tec contack Enid Williams at

Christina Laurel

Saturday was the opening of Connecting Concept & Medium at the Pickens County Museum of art.
Christina Laurel is pictured above with one of her pieces in the show.  Christina works with paper which is often woven and collaged and her work has a strong Asian influence.

I wrote about the exhibition recently and you can find that article HERE.  The show featured work from 27 artists around the state and showcased the many applications of fiber in the creation of art.

Susan Lenz from Columbia, SC next to her installation.  I had not previously meet Susan so it was good to make this connection.  

Gail Sexton and Marilyn Wall in front of Marilyn's work which Gail quilted.  Gail
also had her own personal work featured in the show.

Chris Tedesco is on the right with museum director Allen Coleman.  Behind them 
is one of Chris' large fabric compositions.

Weaver Alice Schlein is standing between two of her jacquard woven works. Alice, I love that black and white piece!

Jim Arendt pictured with one of his works composed with denim.  Jim is someone I had not previously met so this was another fun aspect of the show.  Jim has had a great year and I look forward to following his career.

Me with Forrest Floor.  Fun to see the work installed.

My mother, Lee Verle Jarrard.

Saturday was my mother's 96th birthday.  On Sunday we took her out to dinner with all of her 4 children and spouses, the grand-children and great-grand children.  She is doing very nicely and is pictured in her "command" chair watching one of her favorite shows....Wheel of Fortune.

Our second and final event of the weekend was getting together with a small group of artists, writers, and musicians.  I value this type of community and look forward to being with them again.

Great weekend!

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  1. Like you, this weekend was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other artists working in fiber ... especially YOU! Happy Birthday to your mother!

    1. Thank you Susan. It was my pleasure and I can't believe it's taken us so long to meet. I'll pass your greetings on to my mother. She will be pleased.

  2. Thanks again for the invite, Terry. It was a wonderful show! Your work is amazing, and I was so glad to see it in person. Also ... Happy Birthday to your mother! Mine recently turned 97.

    1. Thank you Jeanne. It was wonderful to see you at the show!

      Our mothers are amazing! Best to your mom as well.

  3. REally nice picture of you with your work and your mom in her chair. Two great ladies!

    1. Thank you Christine. I look like my mother's side of my family. I hope I have some of her genes!