Monday, November 17, 2014

The Move Is Complete

Back in July Tom and I decided to move.  We had lived in our home in Clemson SC for over 39 years and it was the time to try a new environment.  We have now moved just a few miles away but it's fresh and when we get all the boxes emptied it will be great.  I'm not going to share a picture of our new home today as we are saving that as a surprise for our son and daughter-in-law who live in California.  That will be revealed when they come home at Christmas.

So here is a brief photo album of the move.


We sold our house after 3 weeks.  It was in a neighborhood just across the street from Clemson University so very nice for folks who work at the university or downtown.  We will be closing on the house soon.  We purchased our new house a few weeks earlier as it was a great fit for us and we didn't want to lose it to another lucky family.  That had not been the plan but it has worked out nicely.


The first rooms I cleared were the studios which was a hard thing to do but necessary to make it "real".  This is a shot of the day the movers came and were packing the furniture.  Sort of sad to see this fine old house stripped but it will soon be alive again with a new family who has 2 young children.

The movers could not get all the way up the driveway at our old home but it all worked out.


Charm and Jackson made sure their toys were packed and ready.  With help from some of our friends we moved the smaller boxes ourselves.


After they packed their toys they got packed.  We purchased our new home from a friend and she was graceous and gave us a key so we could visit the new house before we actually closed the deal.  This allowed us to introduce the cats to their new home and they made the move very easily. 


It was hard to leave our old garden with it hosta, Japanese maple, butterfly bushes etc. but the new yard is interesting in a new way and naked lady told me had always dreamed of traveling.

The new house has a huge deck on the back and lots of trees.  In the next picture you can just see a glimpse of the two palmetto trees in the front yard.  I feel like I've moved to a park.


The movers have finished unloading here and ready to leave.  The palmetto trees are in the upped right corner of the picture.

Here my car is loaded with 7 crates of Christmas stuff!!!!  I will be going through these items and hope to be able to let some of this go but how do you let go of all the ornaments made by your child or that you made or were given to you by friends and family?

Our new home is almost the exact same size of our old home but the sizes and arrangement of the rooms is very different.  I had 3 indoor studios and part of a separate building at our previous home.  Here, Tom and I each have one smaller space inside and a two car garage which will be turned into a studio.  We will make it work.

This is the garage as of this morning!  I can't believe all the stuff we have.  Most of this came our of our old studio which had an attic.  Scary.  I saw things come out of the attic I had thought were long gone.  Sort of like the line from a movie....We're here!

The house has three bedrooms.  We will be using one of those to store artwork.  Here are a couple of shots of some of what is being stored.  We have our work as well as work we have purchased and collected over the years.

Some of this work is mine as I do occasionally frame work but most of these pieces are Tom's.    I store my fabric work rolled up and it is being stored in 2 very large/wide closets.  We hope to begin to hang some work this week.


I feel guilty for not sharing a few images of our new place so here is a quick shot of one of the windows.  We put pieces from our ceramics collection in them last night and they look great.....and they are safe from kitties.

I'm happy to say I have managed to start one new piece and complete one new work during all of this.  I'll share the completed one soon.  

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  1. Congrats on the new home and the safe (and relatively simple) move!

  2. Thanks Vivien! It was harder than imagined and easier than it could have been. Just want to get my studio back in order right now. Thanks!

  3. Being studio-less is so hard! Im so happy the move went smoothly, now you can have some fun putting things away in new places. Can't wait to see the pictures after the family sees it!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It is fun and we are loving the new house. Can't wait to see your new home!

  4. Congrats on the move Terry and Tom! Looks inspiring!

    1. It was the right time to make a move Terry. Can't imagine doing this when I'm 80!!!

  5. Oh boy. That garage should be fun to organize. I actually love creating order from chaos (I'm available too- smile). The kitties looked cute in their travel gear and I do wish you many happy healthy creative years in your new home!

    1. Hey Beth! I could use your organizational skills! One issue is that it has turned really cold here and the garage is not heated. I'll have to get out of heavy duty gear if I have any ;-) ((I miss the red hair.))

  6. I love to move. I can't believe I am saying that though, Terry. We moved across town a year and a half ago. I still have not done anything with my home studio. Maybe I will get incentive when you have yours completed. :)
    Best to you

    1. Hi Laura. I have to get organized because I've misplaced so many things that the only way to find them is to unpack. Today I bought an old chest with 3 large drawers and 2small ones. Tomorrow I will fill with some fabric. One box at a time.