Monday, February 16, 2015

Putting Down Roots

Tom is pictured putting finishing touches on my studio cabinets.

As you know Tom and I moved just before Thanksgiving.  We are still trying to get things fixed the way we want and need them to be but we are finding out that it takes time to do that.  We moved a number of times when we were first married but at that time we had few worldly possessions and 45 years less of art work!

We are turning the double car garage into a shared studio and Tom is doing the work.  Thank you love.  Besides all the rooms in houses we have used as studio space, Tom has build us 2 studios and is now repurposing the garage as a studio.  In addition to this space we each have small areas inside the house for studio.  All of this is going to be very nice when completed and we are double ready for it to be done.

Tom's cabinets are just in view behind all the still to be stored studio necessities.

While the general process of learning to live in a new home has been moving along nicely we still haven't hung any art and that's getting old.  I'm accustomed to being surrounded by art and this house has some very large walls that need attention.  There is a long hallway with great wall space as well as large walls in the living room.  There are many smaller spots calling for art also....we have our work along with the work of many other artists to select from so it will be a treat to curate this "show".

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  1. It seems to be taking forever to get fully settled in our new house. I'm finally getting around to unpacking the studio and making it walkable. More to do there yet as we also need to build in some storage in the closet. Your garage studio will be huge and wonderful. We decided to use our two-car garage for ...... cars! ;-)

    1. Hi Martha. I've been following your move. It is amazing what it takes. Today it is sleeting and very cold. Making me wish we had a garage;-)

  2. Sounds like you are having some fun along with the work. That will be one great show you will be curating! Have a ball.