Monday, May 18, 2015

What Do I Need to Make Art

Work area in my new small studio.

It sounds simple.....The number one thing I need to work on my art is a place to work.  A studio.  As many of you know I lived in an old house for many years and it had many rooms that provided great studio spaces for both Tom and me.  In addition we build a shared studio to our for wet messy work.  During this same time we also had a studio in the mountains where we retreated on weekends.  In our new home we each a much smaller space and we are almost finished with our new shared space....I can't wait.

I tell you this because the studio is the place where things happen.  It is the place where you can explore and delve into your ideas.  You can make a mess with a purpose.  It's where you bring your ideas into the world.  If you have not found a way to make space for yourself to work where you don't have to clear the decks every time you serve a meal you are missing out on a great experience.

Design wall in my new small studio.

In addition to just having a space, I have to have a certain amount of order.  I'm not even close to be a "neat-freak" but I find it difficult to work if I have to move a bunch of stuff every time I want to work.  Junk can become a hurdle for me so I try to stay ahead of the curve.  Do I always achieve a clean space?  No.  But I try to stay on top of the mess.

I also need a design wall, a good chair, good light (that's something that needs work in my new space), and a sense of privacy.  I have worked in spaces that were very public but that isn't the best situation.  I like to explore and develop my work in my own way without always having an audience.

What else makes for a happy studio experience?  Music or silence on any given day.  Books and other materials to stimulate my thinking and support my ideas.  The internet as long as it isn't IN my space. It's too distracting.  And lets not forget whatever materials and equipment required to work in the way I want to work.

Making your space the best it can be will pay off in more productivity and a happier working experience.  I think I'll go clean something ;-)

Thank you for spending time at
Studio 24-7!


  1. I agree. But...sometimes, you've got to punt. I say this because of my experience last week in the abandoned house where I limited supplies, time, energy and a deadline. I think back to your workshop at the barn where we were forced to think on our feet and start anywhere.

    That said, I DO agree about having a place to perform one's work daily and designing it to best fit our own concerns.

    Hoping for a swift clean up and looking forward to seeing more of your delicious artwork! xo C

    1. Absolutely. There are those times where we have to make do. I wrote some time ago about my experience of working in an open gallery space at a school. That worked beautifully but on an everyday level I will always want a desiginated area in which to work.
      xo, t

  2. I'm also finding truth in the old saying about how entering a physical space also helps you enter into a mental space. Now that I'm 'going to work' at the Academy, I'm a lot more focused and productive (and content).

    1. Indeed! So happy about what you are doing and I love your new work. I guess a you are doing nicely in your "new" space. xo, T

  3. "make a mess with a purpose." Terry, so simply said & so true! I will share this post with my readers today. I'd still love to feature you on my blog interview series (Inside the artist studio) once you get settled in. I know you would have lots of juicy stuff to share about how organizing affects your creative process! Staying organized-making art, both are a process & a practice!