Monday, June 22, 2015

Quilts 20/20 Traditional Works/Contemporary Art

I was really pleased to be invited to be a part of Quilts 20/20 Traditional Works/Contemporary Art at the Susquehanna Art Museum.  The museum is in Harrisburg, Pa. and the show opened June 19 and will run through August 31.

Pat Pauley was the guest Curator and this is her Curator's Notes as presented in the catalog.

"I often straddle the two camps of traditional quilters and art quilters.  In shaping this exhibition, I drew twenty glorious quilts from historical collections and twenty throughout-provoking works from contemporary artists.  This is an open discussion on both the stylistic changes in the quilt genre, and the new work that has transformed the term "quilt."

The contemporary artists have not made direct replies to the historical works in any way - this was not a "call and response" challenge.  Even so, the dialogues between works speaks a universal design language of line, form, color, movement, and composition.  This is what I find exciting.

I see the effect through modern eyes: three centuries of artistic effort meet and, by virtue of proximity, the works reflect light from one to another, spanning the decades."

The artists represented in the exhibition are:

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  1. I just caught this show before it closed. I really enjoyed your piece! The colors were luminous. I was surprised at how much I liked your quilting. Certainly not fancy, loopy doodles like so many people are impressed by but perfectly appropriate for the piecing. I liked the range of thread colors and how some subtle new shapes were made just with the quilting pattern. Just goes to show how important it is to see work in person. I also want to compliment you on your blog. I've been reading it throughput the summer, from the beginning. It is thought provoking, amusing, informative and entertaining. Thanks, keep up the good work!