Sunday, October 11, 2015

Updates and Video from My Studio

Thank you to everyone who has written with concern about my well being due to the devastating flooding here in South Carolina.  My family and I are fine as we just didn't have the amount of wind and rain here in our area that the midlands and low-country received.

I am in an exhibition at The Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia SC that was scheduled to open last week but the opening had to be rescheduled due to the flooding.  The building actually had some damage on the exterior but no damage to the interior or artwork.  The opening reception is now scheduled for Friday, October 16.  This show features women who live or have lived in SC and have been making art here.  I look forward to seeing this work and meeting new people and seeing old friends.

As part of the exhibition, the museum has made video's of several artists in the show.  I am pleased to be one of those and you can see a clip from the video on YouTube Here.

Find the hours and directions to the museum Here.

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  1. Wonderful video! It's like a personal visit.

    1. Thank you! If was fun to do and the videographer, Drew Baron, was really great to work with.

  2. It was fun to hear your voice! I saw your quilt at the quilts 20/20 show and have been enjoying your blog. Not sure if you saw the comment I left at your post announcing that show. You are just an art dynamo! Constantly experimenting and producing, very inspiring.
    Claire H.

  3. Thank you Claire. I remember you. It's always interesting hearing your own voice too. Thanks for following my blog.

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