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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Change of Pace

Rice Stitch

I posted an article recently about the return of The Dots. The piece was hand stitched with rice stitch. The detail I am showing today is of a much larger piece in which I am again using rice stitch. I took a very deep breath before I started this work as it is perhaps an area of 24" x 45". I love to work large but I have never committed to stitch such a large area in this way.

When I began to learn to quilt I hand quilted several full size works with a traditional quilt stitch but it is just too hard on my hands and as I began to make more work I felt pressed to "move along" so I began machine quilting. So how do I find myself with several large pieces in various stages of completion, all being hand stitched?

I think the answer is I always knew I felt connected to this process. I took the Expressive Stitch class with Dorothy Caldwell a couple of years ago and loved that. It reminded me of how much the touch of hand adds to work. During the last year I collaborated with Kathy Loomis on a blind stitching project and we are continuing that work to be presented at some point in the future.

Another large factor in this change of pace is due to my personal commitment to slow down and enjoy my studio. I decided to take a break from entering shows and just work. I had a show in the early fall at USC Upstate - Pieced Together, with my husband, Tom and we have another show coming in February at The Arts Center in Greenwood SC along with our friend, printmaker Syd Cross. so I'm not totally out of sight but I'm not having to think about show entries, acceptance or rejection, shipping and receiving etc. It's rather refreshing.

This change of pace requires that I accept the investment of time that is required and enjoy the physical aspect of the work. I hang the work on the design wall often and enjoy the progress and I also make a point of rotating which work I'm actually working on. This keeps it fresh for me. I am also continuing to keep at least one work going that is more inline with what I had been doing and just today I am preparing to put the facing on a new work that is machine pieced, appliqued and machine quilted. Mixing things up seems to help me feel productive.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. You are the reason I choose to blog and I appreciate your comments and support.

Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7. I love hearing from you and Remember:

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Monday, September 5, 2011


Reunion - Tom Dimond

August 19th marked the opening of Pieced Together, an exhibition of work by my husband, Tom Dimond and myself. This is the first time we have exhibited together in many years.

The exhibition is at the Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery on the campus of the University of South Carolina Upstate and will run through September 23.

Tom and I are have chosen to present work in this exhibition which showcases some of the new ideas, materials and processes we have been exploring. While Tom is best known for his large acrylic geometric abstractions, he has recently been working on paper with mixed media and has incorporated some subtle imagery. Each piece has numerous layers of color, marks, and printed imagery. The structure of the work is inspired by tile patterns designed by the Florentine artist Paollo Uccello. The work is developed in layers, cut apart and resembled. Additional layers are often added at this point.

Nude in the Dark - Terry Jarrard-Dimond

The work I have chosen include works that incorporate the use of dye-painting, monoprinting, pieceing, applique and stitching. This body of work is the result of my desire to have numerous ways to manipulate fabric and dye. The approach to the development of this work has been what I call natural expression. For me this simply means allowing yourself the freedom to explore and experience the pure joy of the creative process.

Tom and I are looking forward to Thursday, Sept 15 at 4:30 pm when we will each give an Artist Talk in the gallery. You are invited and there is a reception following the talks!

Thank you for spending time here at Studio 24-7! I love hearing from you and remember:

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