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Quilting Machine Survey Part 3 - ABM Innova

ABM Innova with light bar

Continuing with responses to the Quilting Machine Survey, I had two people respond who own an ABM Innova.  I am giving their responses after each question as response A and B.

Respondent A said:  Seems like people either love or hate their systems, I also think a longarm is only as good as the effort the owner puts forth in learning it!  I know lots of people that have had their long/short arm setup for years and still don’t really know how to use it – not well anyway!


1.  What brand and model of machine do you have? (please tell us the arm size)

Respondent A:  ABM Innova 18” on 11’ frame
Respondent B: ABM Innova 27" arm with 12' frame

 2.  Why did you buy this specific machine?

Respondent A:  It’s the smoothest machine I tried, the Customer Service is 24/7/365, the price, it will take ANY thread, has large M size bobbin, upgrades can be added later without having to purchase a new machine.  

Respondent B:  I attended a machine quilting show and tried some machines and tried a friends (other) machine. It felt very "light" and could maneuver it with 2 fingers in comparison. I like that it looks like a giant erector set--industrial and clean.  Read many online longarm digests and  24-7 365 service phone calls attracted me.

 3.  What did your machine costs?

Respondent A:  $7999

Respondent B:  I think about $11000 3 years ago, however I added the Lightning Stitch stitch regulation system for an additional 5k later (cheaper to buy it at time of purchase as someone came to install).

 4.  How long have you had the machine?

Respondent A:  2 years

Respondent BSince November 2009.

 5.  What type frame do you use for the machine if it requires a frame?

Respondent A:  The Innova Pro frame that came with the machine- custom sized at 11 feet to fit my space. (no extra cost!)

Respondent BThe frame that comes with the machine from ABM.

 6.  What features have been most useful?

Respondent A:  I think the whole setup is engineered very well, it all works so well together, I am completely self taught and have never had any problems. 

Respondent B:  Lightning stitch (I can sew really fast in and out of points and never have a long stitch.)  Tech support (I have called at very strange hours as they are in TX and I am in OH and they go over things with me with much patience and knowledge.) Also the Light bar.

 7.  What features have been least useful?

 Respondent A:  Nothing I can think of.

Respondent B:  No response.

 8.  Is there any feature you wish you had?  This can be something that is available or not.

Respondent A:  I wished I had the lightening stitch regulator upgrade, and my wish came TRUE in November – I had it added – it’s AMAZING! 

Respondent B: I do wish there had been a dealer locally who could offer decent training.  I learned on my own and there is a bit of a learning curve.

 9.  Have you had any serious mechanical or computer issues with your setup?

Respondent A:  No

Respondent B:  No.  But it comes in pieces and (the frame and table) so I put it together with 2 people and it took over a day. Broke a belt once but it was quickly diagnosed, mailed to me and installed with tech support talking us through.

10. Would you buy the same equipment again?

Respondent A:  Yes

Respondent B:  Definitely. 

11. Would you recommend your machine and frame to your friends?

Respondent A:  ABSOLUTLY!!!

Respondent B:  Yes!


Thank you to the two generous readers who responded about their quilting machine systems.  Sounds like they are very pleased.  If you'd like to see a video of this system, click HERE.

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