Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Feature - Favorite Links

Cultural Assimilation - Detail

Not too long ago I posted several links to some of my favorite websites. I love receiving recommendations from my friends to sites they find interesting and so I have decided to make Favorite Links an on-going feature.

The Links will all focus on some aspect of art that is made from textile materials, process, techniques or appear to have been inspired by or influenced by textiles. The featured links will also include articles relating to textiles of all forms and I am going to start with just such a site.

Textile Designss is new to me but it features nicely written articles on everything from African Textiles to Zoffany Textiles. (I had never heard the word zoffany either so I'll just let you read the article and learn for yourself.) The site appears to be new, listing articles starting in April of this year but there is already a long list of postings.

In light of the recent demise of a couple of excellent publishers of articles on textile arts, I was pleased to find this site. At this point I haven't read all the articles but I hope there are some reviews of shows.

The second suggestion for today is Textile Arts Center. This organization is located in Brooklyn NY and the following is part of their mission statement for their gallery.

The Gallery at Textile Arts Center aims to offer a view into the not-always-soft-and-plushy world of fiber and dispel preconceptions that limit fiber art to craft. It showcases solo and group shows, as well as student work.

I like that statement...alot.... so I hope you enjoy the links and I'll have new suggestions for you next week.


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