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Friday, June 15, 2012

Shape Intensive Workshop- The Textile Museum - Washington DC

Saturday, July 14th, I will be presenting the one-day workshop: Shape Intensive at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops held in conjunction with the current exhibition, Sourcing the Museum, featuring the work of renowned textile artists and work  inspired by items in the museum's collection.  These new works are exhibited alongside the inspiration pieces.

The Shape Intensive workshop is structured so that anyone interested in this topic can participate regardless of their chosen medium.  All studies will be worked in paper and will form the foundation of a portfolio for future study.  Follow the provided link for more details and information for registration.

Artists in the exhibition include Olga de Amaral, James Bassler, Polly Barton, Archie Brennan, Lia Cook, Helena Hemmarck, Ayako Nikamoto, Jon Eric Riis, Warren Seelig, Kay Sekimachi, and Ethel Stein.

Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7.  I love hearing from you and hope you will join me at The Textile Museum for a fun-informative day.

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  1. I hardly ever work with shapes - might be fun to try!

    1. would love to have you! your work is so ethereal and dreamy. shape could be a new leslie frontier! xo-t

  2. Not only will I be there, but I am bringing one of my very talented designers that I have been mentoring. I am using your class as a bonus to her for a job well done. It's a bit extra pressure, as I am sure that she has much better fresher design skills- but I am looking forward to sharing this with a young woman who is 35 years my junior! See you there.

    1. Excellent Judy! I know you are a wonderful mentor. Thank you for sharing your designer with me. Looking forward to a great day!