Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Textile Museum Workshop Report

Students working to complete design exercise during workshop.

I returned home Sunday after a fast but productive and fun two-day trip to Washington, DC to present a  workshop at The Textile Museum.

The class was titled Shape Intensive and it was intense.  We completed 4 exercises and had a tour of the current exhibition, Sourcing the Museum, lead by Tom Goehner, Director of Education for the museum.  Mr. Goehner focused his remarks on the use of shape as an element of design by artists represented in the show.  I will be writing about the show soon.

Display of two of the completed design exercises.

I have been using cut paper as a way to develop ideas for many years and have used this process in several workshops but this was the first time students utilized this technique exclusively.  The idea behind this was that since design is a concern of all artists, focusing only on paper design the class would be of interest to a broader group of artists.  I believe as a result of this approach we had a more diverse group of students.  There were a number of artists who work with fabric but we also had 2 painters, a rug designer/weaver, an embroiderer, and three professional graphic designers.

The workshop was held in a room just off the main entrance to the museum.  It was a very formal room with dark paneled wall and brass sconces.  Not exactly the type of room most workshops are held but it worked for us.  A new building is already under construction for the museum and it will be exciting to see the new venue when completed.

I want to thank each member of the class for spending the day with me and for the focused attention they gave their work.   I also want to thank Mr. Goehner and his staff for the excellent way the workshop was organized and promoted. 

Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7.  I love hearing from you and Remember:

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  1. I am happy to see this post as I wondered about your class. Based on those cut paper pieces, I can tell that you had a terrific set of students.
    Each time you share an exercise, I want to do it myself!

    1. Thank you Christine. The class was asked to work very quickly and they responded like champs. We did not spend more than 30-45 minutes on any one exercise and everyone went home with the beginning of an idea folder. xo, T