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Monday, July 9, 2012

Work Produces Results

Untitled at this time.

I love the quote that "Work produces results".  I love it because it is totally true.  It doesn't qualify the results but simply acknowledges that if you put in the time and the effort you will get results.  To that I add that your chances of getting the results you desire get better with each "result".  

After breaking my arm I immediately began testing what I could do and how I could do it.  I have managed to make some fabric, cut and sew some fabric, construct several pieces and now I am doing some hand stitching on one.  I had to try and I feel rewarded for my efforts.

I am better but still have several weeks of what the doc calls a "splint".  It's sort of a Goth Glove.  I have begun physical therapy and I'll be paying more attention to what I'm doing ;-)

My workshop at The Textile Museum is a "GO" for July 14th and I'm happy I'll be able to go.

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  1. so glad you're recovering -- sometime tell us how you have managed to sew, etc. with only one good hand!

    the new piece is great

    1. Thank you Kathy! First, I am right handed and I broke my left arm. The first 3 casts I had were from my elbow to my palm and rigid, however, they were wrapped in something like an Ace bandage so they didn't scratch the acrylic sewing table of my machine. I just did everything with my right hand and used my left hand fingers to assist as best I could. There was (and still is) a limit to the size of what I could handle. The pictured work is only about 18" x 24". I did make one piece that is in two panels and each is roughly 40" x 44". I have not been able to square them or sew them together. Maybe that will happen in a couple more weeks. I'm ready to "get out of jail".

  2. This fabric reminds me of an exercise we did in a Dorothy Caldwell workshop -- we created images on a heavyweight paper with smoke. Your textile has a wonderful ethereal quality. Heal well.

  3. Hi Pamela. No smoke, just ethereal ;-) Thanks for the comment!

  4. I agree with Pamela. It evokes mystery, clouds, storms and light all rolled together. Ethereal!
    Happy you're healing. Your dark red nails are perfect with the Goth glove!

    1. Thanks Elena! My sister retired and decided to get a nail tec license so Im learning the joys of nice nails! And yes, I have to have a color to compliment my glove. You should see my Pink Hair.....hahaha. xo, T

  5. I sorta, linda, suspect that you had a terrific class in D.C.

  6. Hey girl! I had a wonderful group in DC, an excellent experience and stayed with an acquaintance who is now a good friend. Can't ask for more.

    I also managed going up and down several steep escalators with two bags and my fancy arm. Not smart but I got lucky. Will be writing more! xo, T