Monday, July 21, 2014

Artist's Apron Auction A Success

My contribution to the Apron Auction

Last week I posted a picture of myself in an unadorned black artists apron of the type many people wear when working in the studio.  Now you can see how I "enhanced" that time honored article of studio wear for the scholarship auction at Quilting by the Lake.

My theme was  Cinco de Mayo and the apron featured fabric with "south of the boarder" flower and geometric designs, an image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe , two crystal studded skulls, a first place blue ribbon (which I gave myself) and tiny LED flashing lights which don't show here as tiny specks of light.  Oh, I almost forgot, a large paper flower for my hair which the winning bidder also received.

There were 8 instructors during the week and each made an apron.  You can see from the above picture that there were many styles to choose from.  The sale of the 8 aprons collectively brought in over $3,000 which will go toward scholarships for next years event.  This week is the second week of QBL and there will be another auction at the close of the session.

Before the auction each class was invited to the stage to show samples of work done during the week.  My class was Line As Language. These are some of my students who made boards with samples showing the variety ways line can work in compositions.

We worked in both black and white as well as color.  The group was fun, hard working and talented.  Thank you to each of my students for choosing to be with me for the week.


Next Monday I will have another in my series of Artist Profiles and hope you will check back then.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the photos from Quilting by the Lake. I love seeing the students' work. Your apron was fun!

    1. Thanks Mia. I had a great time making the apron and the money raised from the aprons all goes toward scholarships.