Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cut Paper Studies

Generally, when I begin a new piece, I have an idea of what I want to explore. The idea may be sparked by something I have seen, a piece of music I like or a specific piece of fabric that sets my direction. I may start by doing a few thumbnail sketches or sometimes I just begin by pinning fabric to my design wall and start to organize that space with shapes as I cut them.

On occasion I may do a few cut paper studies which help me discover new shapes or new relationships between shapes which interest me. I like to keep things simple so I most often use black and white construction type paper to make the studies. I cut shapes and arrange them until I find something I like. Sometimes I glue the shapes down, sometimes I just staple the shapes to the base paper.

Here are examples of pieces that were created using this technique:

This study is 12" x 12" and the shapes are glued to white paper.

My interpretation of the above study is entitled SHE CAME UNDONE and it is 45" wide x 49" high.

This study is also 12" x 12". If you look closely you can see the staples along the top and bottom where some of the pieces were stapled.

The title of this piece is THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER and it is 84" w x 88" H.

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  1. I wrote a comment earlier, but don't know where it went! -- oh well, here goes again,

    This is a great idea of how to work, reminds me of a little book called Notan I studied long ago. Just found it on the shelf again - you inspired me to look it up!