Tuesday, July 14, 2009


During the weeks I have been making the Textile Constructions, I have always started my work with at least 3 pieces of fabric on which I painted, discharged etc. After the fabric was completed I worked one up into a finished piece and in some cases selected a second piece for the next week to use in my TC. As I go through the process of making the work I always have dips and dabs of dye left over and often I will apply this dye to some unsuspecting piece of fabric that has been left laying around the studio and I am beginning to have a pretty nice little collection of those fabrics.

This week's TC is made from fabric that I created in this "secondary" type of process. With this in mind I don't have process photos for you relating to how the surface design was created but I do have some notes on that and some photos of one aspect of the construction.

The background fabric on the left was one of the monoprinted pieces from a couple of weeks ago. You can see the splotches of dark blue which were part of that print. I added more splotches to the fabric, applied some washable school glue in a zig zag pattern and over-painted it all with Fuchsia dye. The glue acts as a partial resist but the dye did penetrate somewhat.

The fabric on the right was a 1/8th yd piece of scrap that I made dots on with some left over Havanna Brown dye in print paste. I've been making lots of dotted fabric but it hasn't shown up anywhere until today. The dots were on a white back ground which I then over painted with the same Fuchsia dye mix.

These two pieces were sewed together and quilted. I had thought that would be "it" but I realized that I wanted another layer. I had another piece of scrap fabric that I had dyed several times and discharged at least 3 times which had a similar color but more pastel. I decided to cut some elements from that and sew directly to the face. I first cut small rectangles but then rounded off the corners. Then I cut a stack of softer shapes which I ended up using.

My first impulse was to line them up across the piece but that was a snooze. Then I realized that these "little pedals" could be arranged into a line which could take any shape I liked. I arranged them into a circular configuration with a couple of "legs", pinned and sewed them down.

They behaved very nicely.

I may yet go back and add some handwork but that will come later. Right now my favorite part of the piece is the stitching line on the dots.

Sneak Peek.........WHAT IS THIS???

This is out in my studio right now. What do you think is going on? Would love to hear your ideas.


  1. This week's quilt is wonderful... love the birbancy of the fuscia. :D I haven't a clue about the mystery photo... it looks like you've got a stamping pad underneath fabric but on top of a silk screen or other frame. It also looks like you gesso'd or discharged the fabric on top but beyond that I couldn't hazard a guess LOL.

  2. I have to concur with Approachable Art...it looks like either a discharge process, or gesso or paint on top, ready to be "taken" off?? Can't wait to find out!

  3. I don't know what the Sneak Peak is! But I really like this week's construction -- very cool linear elements.