Friday, August 28, 2009


Carolyn Harris and Terry

On Tuesday of this week I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with a fantastic group of women each of them associated in some way with our local quilt shop Heirlooms and Comforts. Some of the participants work in the shop, some are teachers and some are loyal customers . All are accomplished quiltmakers. The shop is located in Central, SC in a building that I believe was build in the 1800s and it is run by Sara and Bobby Ballentine.

Inside Heirlooms and Comforts

I have been working on ideas for my April 2011 Workshop at Nancy Crow's Timberframe Barn in Baltimore Ohio and the Tuesday workshop allowed me to "test drive" one of the exercises I am developing. The exercise is entitled "Making Connections" and introduces techniques that can be used to allow the beginning or intermediate artist to break "out of the box" and learn to design their own work. The class was only 4 hours long from introductions to goodbyes. They were fantastic and I learned a great deal from their feedback.

Here are some photos of the days activities.

Joan Grove and Terry

Cheryl Keith

Terry, Cissie Goodstein and Charleah McMillan

Gail Sexton

Audrey McPeak and Terry

Barbara Gauderer and Terry

Sue Hunston

Monday I will be posting the Compositional Conversation: Stage Four with Shelley Brenner Baird.


  1. Terry and all participants. Thanks for sharing photos of your activities. Looks like a win-win for all. PS I have my foundation design classes following Terry's blog so, I will be interested to see their comments!!

  2. What a great idea. I want to stress that these women had a total of 4 hours to receive instructions, understand the concept, design and construct the work. The level of commitment and concentration in this workshop was excellent.