Friday, January 15, 2010

Artist Profiles In 2010

On Monday I will be posting the first in the Artists Profiles series for 2010 and Canadian artist Ian MacLeod will be featured.

I have decided to do the articles just a little bit differently in that I have 3 questions which I will be asking all the artists and then will add 2 additional questions which I will select based on the artist.

The recurring questions are:

1. At what point in your life did you know at your core that you are an artists?

2. Do you ever get into an artistic slump and if so, how do you rejuvenate yourself?

3. Please describe your studio activity....your work habit.

I find there is comfort in hearing other artists talk about how they live their lives and how they continue making work when we all have so many demands to meet from various aspects of our lives. I find it fascinating to hear that one person knew they were an artist when they were 5 and another person only discovers this at 50.

I hope you find the profiles interesting and worthwhile and I encourage to leave feedback for the artists who are featured.

See you on Monday. I'm headed to Appalachian State College in Boone, N.C. today to see 225 Encaustic Encounters and 12 Voices from SAQA.


  1. I look forward to these profiles. I always find such topics fascinating.

  2. It's so interesting to see how other people work and studios are usually such off-limit places. Have you read the Joe Fig book?

  3. Thanks you to Diane and Nancy. I have not read the Joe Fig book but will look up to see what it is about. Thanks!