Friday, March 5, 2010


Like many of you, I have many irons in the fire. I did work some this week on the 'cut dots' idea but have not made the progress I would like.

I began by cutting a nice container full of dots from some hand dyed fabric. I selected a 43 x 43 cut of hand dyed yellow fabric as the substrate and began to sew. I thought this size would allow me to experience working with this process at a larger scale but not too large.

I worked for about and hour before I decided that I did not like the way the dots were laying on the fabric. The dots were not a deep black, they had a navy blue look and they were not interacting well with the shade of yellow I had selected for the background. Oh, did I mention that I had also made the decision to sew them on with neon pink thread. It had seemed like a good idea....

In addition to those facts, I had left a bit more space between the dots than in my original sample. It just was not working and I had found it difficult to manipulate the larger piece of fabric so I stopped and regrouped.

I made the decision to experiment with making small units that I would then assemble. That is what you are seeing in the picture. I choose commercially dyed black fabric for the dots, off-white fabric for the ground and white thread for the stitching. I cut two 15" x 15" grounds and sewed the dots on. Notice that you can already see a pattern developing. I looked on the internet to read about "lap quilting" for construction ideas and assembled the two units.

I did manage to get them neatly joined but I don't like the physical seam and I don't like the visual seam where the pattern of the two units touch. So now I'm back to thinking about one large piece. I just have to come to terms with the things I didn't like about handling a large piece like that under the machine. The piece could actually be hand sewn but I'm not sure I'm up for that.

I have this 2 piece unit hanging in my studio and I have determined that the dots would also make a wonderful panel in a larger composition with larger elements....hum.

Please check back in on Monday as I will have an Artist Profile on New York State artist Pat Pauly. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for dropping by.


  1. I do enjoy your adventures, Terry. The color combo of your first construction sounded like a winner. May we see? Perhaps in smaller doses.

    On your second one, could you add more dots over the seam? Or flip back the dots close to the seam and make the seam tighter?

    Check out this technique for sewing with sequined fabrics:

  2. while "the line" looks odd with just two squares I wonder if it would with more...and the "squares" don't have to be all the same fact i think I would make a feature of the could maybe also consider fake lines (as in channels through the dots) and Real Lines...if you see what I mean!

  3. Thanks El and Elizabeth. I know there is an answer to this that will work. I think I sometimes resist certain answers because I want the original way of doing something to work. I recall a discussion I had with a physicist about not being able to sewing spirals in a certain just ticked me off that I could not do it My way. Silly me.

    I did read the directions for sewing sequins and I'm going to consider some of the other suggestions you both made. I would show you the piece I did with yellow but I cut all the dots off to save the batting and backing so it is 'no more'.