Thursday, April 29, 2010

Susan Moran to Teach Shibori

Susan Moran in her studio.

Next month will bring the first workshops for Budding Art Ideas and in June I will be there teaching Ask "What if?" Building Pathways to Creative Work".

During that same week Susan Moran will be teaching: Fiber Art - Shibori: Dying and Discharge.

Susan is an award winning Shibori artist who creates intricate fiber work from her Shibori practices. She lives in Ann Arbor and has an extensive teaching resume including classes at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, the University of Michigan and at Wayne State University.


In 2006 Susan received a grant from the National Surface Design Association to research Renaissance Italian silk velvets and brocades in Florence and Prato. This research was directed toward using these resources in her own printed textiles.

September Rose Hip

The workshop she will present at Budding Art Ideas is based on the ancient art of Japanese Shibori which is also categorized as a sophisticated tie-dye. She states that "With Japanese Shibori there is always that "magical surprise" as a result of the bound resist techniques". This technique uses stitching, clamping and shaped resist to produce the final results. The works pictured her are a combination of techniques including shibori, silkscreen and stitching.


  1. Beautiful work. Shibori is coming up on my list of Subjects To Devote More Hours To. I will need to take workshops though, I think. I need to see the work done right in front of me, as opposed to teaching myself from books.

  2. Fabulous! I loved shibori in art school. It was always such a surprise when untied or unwrapped. This looks like a great class.