Monday, July 5, 2010

Washed Peas and Carrots

My last post featured "failed" fabrics which I reprocessed using leftover dye and print paste. Here are the results.

The picture at the top features two of the pieces which I plan to use together. My biggest surprise was the one on the right. Check out the previous article and you will see that it appeared that the design was going to merge and by a black mass but it washed out beautifully.

When washed there is good detail.

This is the bottom edge and it is one of my favorite surprises. I love the way it fades out.

Detail of Left Side.

Gerhart Richter Inspiration Fabric

I am not excited about how this looks. It is a small piece of fabric but I may work on it some more. I also have a final piece I am working on from the original Inspiration fabric but I hope to enter it in a show which requires not publishing your work previously so I'll have to save that to show you later.

Last but not least are the two pieces that are bilaterally symmetrical. If you recall I painted the one on the right and then took a print from it with the fabric on the left.

The areas that didn't print are really interesting. Makes the fabric look cracked and worn.

Well I am signing off for a couple of weeks as I make my trip to Germany to see Color Improvisations. I'll be back around July 20 something. I hope you have enjoyed this article and will come back again later in the month.

I appreciate your visiting with me and love hearing your comments.


  1. I really love these. Have a great trip!

  2. Thank you Gerrie. In addition to seeing the show, we will be meeting our future daughter-in-law as she and our son are joining us there! Can't wait. I appreciate your support Gerrie and hope to meet you sometime.

  3. Great fabrics Terry, particularly the washed out effects. Have a good time in Germany.

  4. Thank you so much! I'm very excited and will be leaving tomorrow morning! Thank you for dropping by and I appreciate your comments.

  5. Great fun to see all of your efforts and experiments. I like the graphic yellow and black Detail of Left Side.

    Bon Voyage.

  6. Thank you Paris Maddy. I plan to soak in as much of your NameSake as possible. Please come again!

  7. Welcome home Terry, I hope it was a great trip. The website looks like it was a great show, and I want to buy the catalog! There was no info on purchasing it. When you are settled in can you let me know what the deal is? Thanks