Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finding Your Shape Vocabulary

Barbara Holder and Ann Hanewald get down to business cutting
shapes to explore in a composition.

This past Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of presenting my work to The Mountain-Lakes Quilters, a large quilt guild with member from a wide area of upstate South Carolina. This lecture was followed on Wednesday by a workshop entitled Finding Your Shape Vocabulary. The group was made up of some very accomplished quilters who wanted to "try something" different and we had a wonderful day working with the development of unique shapes and shape relationships.

Aija Seflic filled her table with unique and personal shapes
which she then carried into fabric.

This is a better view of some of the shapes Aija created.

The four blocks on the left show part of the composition Aija created. The block
on the right is one she carried into fabric.

Barbara Sokol created her shapes explorations with great energy and soon
had a table full of shapes to work with.

Here Barbara is starting to explore a larger composition. On the right is
Donna Barnhill who developed an interesting idea with stacked
shapes resembling stones. Very Zen.

Another view of Barbara and Donna's work in progress.

Shirley Woods and Carolyn Harris are shown here as they begin
the process of working with cut paper.

This is Carolyn's design wall showing her shapes exploration

Jean Wachs did a great job exploring.

Marilyn Wall is an acomplished quilter who is a self described
realist. She really stretched with her organic exploration.

At the end of the workshop everyone had begun their work in fabric or had their concept ready to work in fabric. The were an excellent group and I'm looking forward to seeing photographs of their finished pieces.

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  1. Great looking workshop Terry. Looks like everyone got the idea and produced some very exciting ideas. Hope they post some results.

  2. WOW - wish I would have been in your class. Thanks for showing so much of the work your students did in class. The variety is amazing, and it sure would be great to see some finished quilts done!

  3. Thank you Tom Quilthexle! They did a great job and worked hard. This day was some of the first day I will be doing at QBL2 the end of this month at the Schweinfurth.

  4. I would loved to have taken that class! Very creative and freeing. I've not seen anything like it before!

  5. Thanks Jan! I'm looking forward to seeing finished work. I will be teaching a 3 day version of this workshop later this month. Come and join us Auburn, NY!

  6. I love what your students are doing with shape here, Terry. It looks like a great class. I, too, hope to see some of the results in fabric.

  7. can't wait for QBL2! What a nice teaser...:)

  8. Thank you Rebecca and Betty. I'm hoping they will follow through and send pictures. Betty I like your comment about being a teaser. This gives you a little heads up thinking time!

  9. Terry: I think this class is a great way of teaching students about how think as you work on your art? Brilliant idea.....

  10. Terry- great class---come to North Carolina SOON so I can take a class with you, too.

  11. Hey Paris Maddy! Thank you!! Organize it and I will come ;-)

  12. Looks like a great class, one I would enjoy immensely. Wouldn't you like to visit southern California?

  13. Thank you very much Judy! I'd love to visit Southern California as my son lives there. The women in this class did a great job and produced many ideas for study.