Friday, November 5, 2010

Quilts=Art=Quilts Opens at Schweinfurth

Best In Show
Crazed 6: Low Water
Kathy Loomis

This past Saturday marked the opening of Quilts=Art=Quilts at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn, New York. I have had work in that exhibition for the past 4 years but this year was the first time I was able to attend the opening as I was there teaching at Quilting by the Lake 2.

Kathy Loomis of Louisville, Kentucky won Best In Show with her intensely pieced work, Crazed 6: Low Water. I happened to be with Kathy during an independent studio session and watched her begin the process of making this piece. It's wonderful to see it finished,hanging in an exhibition and acknowledged as a fine piece of work.

Juror's Choice Award
Brown Plaid
Leslie Joan Riley

Schweinfurth Award for Design Excellence
Leslie Joan Riley

Leslie Joan Riley was a double winner with the Schweinfurth Award for Design Excellence and one of the Juror's Choice Awards. If you are familiar with Leslie's work you know that she is a master piecer and uses pastel and neutral colors like no one else. The work is rich, lively and unique.

My congratulations to Kathy, Leslie, and all the award winners as well as all participants in this fine exhibition.

Hand painted and Discharged Cotton Fabric
Pieced with Raw-Edge Applique
63" x 60"
Terry Jarrard-Dimond

My work in the show was Shelter and it is the first time one of my surface design works has been accepted for a juried competition. It was fun talking with viewers about the new work and it was good to see the work outside my studio.

I want to encourage anyone who has not entered this exhibition in a few years to consider doing so next time around. The museum is very nice with good exhibition space, well lite, great staff and a great deal of local support. While this show began as a juried exhibition for traditional quilts, the focus is now on contemporary studio quilts and attracts work from all across the US and abroad.

You can go to the Schweinfurth website to see a list of all the winners as well as view a slideshow of the installation.

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  1. When I saw this piece on the slide show I LOVED it not even knowing it was yours! Now I like it even more... Glad you could be there for the opening, it looks like a wonderful show.

  2. Thank you Sandy! Yes, many people were surprised but there is a big connection between this work and the work I have been doing.

  3. I used to enter this show years ago and then dropped it off my list as too traditional. Might have to rethink that now.

    The work you've posted is wonderful - love your surface design piece. And Kathy's work is always excellent.

  4. Thank you Lisa for your supportive comment! I was unaware of much of the history of this show until my visit. I had no idea of the how it has changed but it has developed into a Very supportive venue for contemporary studio quiltmaking and I highly recommend the show.

  5. LOL I read Kathy Loomis's blog and still totally spaced her getting Best of Show. I am so glad that you started off your blog with a picture of her quilt!

  6. Yes, I too love Kathy's "Crazed" series. She had a second piece in the exhibit as well and it was just as special. Thank you for commenting!

  7. Beautiful quilts, all - but especially yours speaks to me... + thank you for introducing me to Dorothy Caldwell - didn´t know her work yet, glad to discover it now...

  8. I much prefer your quilt to all the others!

  9. thanks, Terry, and everybody else for your kind words. I am so honored to have won this prize, especially to have beaten out such other beautiful work as that shown above.

  10. Thank you ger, Diana and Kathy. The work in this show was of high quality and anyone would be proud to be in the exhibition. I am especially pleased to have your supportive comments relating to my new work. xo, Terry

  11. Have never entered; yes, the show used to be much more trad.
    This is gorgeous stuff: Kathy, you must have been crazed from all that piecing - it is amazing! And Terry, this piece is a wonderful fusion of your surface design and pieced work, with raw edge for good measure.

    Wish I had been able to get to the opening.

  12. Thank you Rayna. Donna Lamb, Director of the Schweinfurth, is focused on "growing" this exhibition and it's reputation with a focus on art/studio/contemporary quiltmaking. Your work would have looked "right at home" in the environment!

  13. Terry. your posts are always so informative---so thank you. Your Shelter piece is intricately colored and makes a great impact. All of the works you showed were wonderful.

  14. Thank you so much Paris Maddy! It was great fun being at the opening and see much excellent work! I appreciate your interest.