Thursday, January 6, 2011

Refreshing My Website

Nude in the Dark
53.5" x 43.5"
Monoprinted and Oil Stick
Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Well here we are in the middle of the first week of January 2011. I'm trying to pay attention because I know that I'll turn around and it will be July 2011!!

I have had website for about 2 years and while I have added things periodically it has remained fairly constant. Last year the company I used to build my website upgraded their site builder offering more options as to design so I made the decision to go with the new site builder. It took a lot of persistence to figure the program out and get the job done but I did persist and you are invited to pop on over to and see the new version of my site.

I have three galleries featuring work from Color Improvisations, new surface design work and pieced work. There is a page for each of these galleries with additional information as well as a small blurb alongside each image.

You are invited to sign-up on my site for an occasional announcement which brings me to the new addition here at Studio 24-7 . I will be sending out a Newsletter Subscription several times a year and hope you will sign-up. The form is near the top of the page at right.

OK....I'm forging ahead to prepare an Artist Profile for Monday featuring photographer Bruce Schlein. I hope it's not July yet!

Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7. I love hearing from you and remember....

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  1. Hi Terry. Just visited the Color Improvisation site. It's lovely. Two things that happened: I couldn't get the video to play and when I clicked on Quilts it only shows one quilt (your gorgeous work :)with no arrows or next button, to see more than one. Maybe that's how it should be but I thought I'd mention it.

    Especially liked Forest Floor---I saw a face in profile in the center of that one but this seems to be my year for really seeing faces so maybe I imagined it.

    Happy New Year and continued success with your colors and puzzles and compositions.

    ~ Madeline

  2. Your website is great, Terry. I especially like the works in Gallery 3. You might think about having "year created" on each piece. Have a good day!

  3. Thank you Madeline and Connie. It sounds as if the Color Improvisations website is having problems. I'll let them know. I always appreciate hearing from you both!

  4. Hi Terry, Happy New Year.
    Change is Good. Fresh Decade, Fresh Start.
    Your site re-fresh is great looking. Clean and professional. What a treat seeing all the surface design work together in a gallery. I am over the moon in love with "X-Ray Vision". Your mark making adds a lot of energy to this body of work. Glad to see you have given this exploration a seat at the table with your other amazing pieced work. Can't wait to see the 3D explorations.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  5. Thank you Leslie! Great to hear from you. I'm delighted you responded to X-Ray Vision. It is a fave of mine. As to the 3-D things, I sent a box of slides off yesterday to be scanned and will add them to the mix later this month. Happy New Year and All the best. T

  6. Hi Terry,

    I like your website a lot and it shows off your beautiful work very well. You did a great job of organizing and presenting things in the new format. Good job! Your work is great in the digital version and one of these days I hope to see it in person. Seeing the hand of the fabric would add so much to it, I'm sure.
    Bet wishes for a great year ahead!

  7. Thank you Nancy! I appreciate your comments and support. It has been a pleasure to be in contact with you in 2010!! xo, T

  8. Hi Terry, I didn't see your old website, but this one is really nice.
    I really like how large you can show your images, too!
    Happy new year.

  9. Thank you Lynette. Great to hear from you. Once I figured things out, it was fun to re-work the site. Happu New Year and please come again.