Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Textiles In A Tube Well Received

Hanging Display of some of the tubes used in the shipping of the accepted works.

Textiles In A Tube opened at Riverworks Gallery in Greenville, SC March 4th. The exhibition featured work from across the US and Hungary and was received with enthuasium by those attending the reception.

Reception of Textiles In A Tube Reception


First Place Award: Shelley Brenner Baird - A Long Story

Second Place Award: Pat Pauly - A Leap of Faith

Third Place Award: Susan Lenz - Ancestors

List of Exhibitors and Work

Shelley Brenner Baird - A Long Story

Eszter Bornemisza - City In the Sky

Merill Comeau - Study In Red and Pink Poppies

Susan Lenz - Ancestors and Autumn Leaves

Kathleen Loomis - Gridwork 1: Purple Heart

Diane Nunev - Double Weave and Four Square

Pat Pauly - A Leap of Faith

Sandara Rude - Sundlower

Alice Schlein - Hyacinth and Aboreal

Mary Ruth Smith - Stripes and Blocks

Joanne Weis - Holocaust Memorial

Viewer inspecting Ancestors by Susan Lenz.

Artist Alice Schlein is pictured with her jacquard weavings, Aboreal and Hyacinth.

Installation of work by Joanne Weis, Eszter Bornemisza and Mary Ruth Smith.

Vistors loved viewing A Long Story by Shelley Brenner Baird which stretch 26' along one wall.

A large number of the people attending the reception were students from area colleges and they were very interested in the materials and process utilized by the artists in the show as well as discussing the concepts and ideas.

Riverworks is producing a catalog which can be ordered online. I will post that information soon.

Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7 and I love hearing from you.
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  1. So sorry I did not get to the opening. This looks great and I'll be there soon. Maybe we can do lunch in the 'ville soon!!

  2. Looks like it was a great show with terrific diversity in the artwork. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ah, the tubes...everything so nice and neat : ) The show looks terrific, and congrats to Shelley! What a cool looking piece : )

  4. Thanks to everyone. It is a very neat show and I hope you will be able to drop by for a visit.

  5. Very nice! Greenville is such a great city - I would love to get up there and see the show.