Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dorothy Caldwell Masterclass

Pictured left to right front row: Tama, Sally and Pamela
Pictured left to right back row: Kressa, Terry, Dorothy, Shelley, Kathy and Sharon

I returned home yesterday after a wonderful week of study at the Crow Timberframe Barn with Canadian artist Dorothy Caldwell. It was inspiring and I came away with new insight as to my work and with many new ideas about how to continue.

The class was small with 8 students so we had a rare opportunity to work with Dorothy one-on-one everyday.

I am not posting images of work from the workshop out of respect for my classmates but I'm sure each one of them would confirm my feelings that it was an exceptional experience.

Thank you Dorothy for your insight, willingness to share your work and your thoughts on the making of art.

You are also invited to read my article on Dorothy's Expressive Stitch workshop:

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  1. Terry, I am extremely jealous that you had a semi-private master class with Dorothy. Although I still feel my master class with her was brilliant. Glad you had an opportunity to concentrate on yourself and your own work!

  2. Hey Girl! It was special. Wish you had been with us.