Friday, June 3, 2011

Parallax: Views of Contemporary Quilt Artists

Installation view of:
Parallax: Views of Contemporary Quilt Artists

Evidence by Terry Jarrard-Dimond
2011 - Hand painted and collaged fabric

Detail: Evidence

The opening reception for this exhibition will be held June 3 at Kunstler Gallery in Rochester, NY from 3-6 p.m.

This exhibition features work of 19 contemporary quilt artists and was curated by Pat Pauly. To read more about this exhibition follow this link:

The following is my statement for Evidence.

Parallax can be defined as the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer.

Art can be much the same. A work may be seen as successful through the lens of one viewer and of no interest to another. One viewer may be drawn to EVIDENCE and see the beauty of the marks and spacial relationship and be engaged. Another viewer may walk past without more than a quick glance. The marks are still there. The relationships remain.

Thank you Pat for creating this wonderful opportunity and thank you also to the Kunstler Gallery for their support.

Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7. I love hearing from you and Remember....

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  1. What a wonderful space! Congratulations on your piece - wish I could see it in person.

    Have a happy opening night!

  2. I won't be able to see the exhibit in person so I'm happy to view your photos on-line. It is interesting how differently we all respond to art, as well as other things in life! My Best, joni

  3. Wonderful exhibit, Terry, and congratulations for being chosen to participate. I certainly see the spatial relationships and the mark making is very intriguing. One of these days, I hope to see your artwork in person!

  4. Hey Rebecca! Thank you very much. I feel the same way regarding seeing your work in person!!!

  5. A must-see exhibit in my book! Congratulations Terry.

  6. Thank you Chris. Wish I were able to see it myself!!