Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stationary Nomads On the Move....Sort Of

Clearing the studio.

Yesterday while telling a friend about the current activity here at my home, I coined a new name for how Tom and I have lived in our home....Stationary Nomads. We're always on the move but we never go anywhere.

I have mention before that our home is just a couple of years short of celebrating it's 100th Birthday and because of the time frame of it's construction, many of the rooms are a nice size, have 10 foot ceilings and the rooms can be used for bedrooms, sitting rooms or in our case, studio spaces. We have taken full advantage of that flexibility and have used almost every room in the house at some time for those purposes. Well, we're moving again....inside the house.

I shared a picture of my long-arm studio a while back. Now that equipment has been moved upstairs to a room that was our guest bedroom and the guest bedroom has now been moved downstairs. Next on the list is the switch of our current bedroom with my current sewing studio which is pictured.

The reasons for this switch is two fold. While we love the front room as a bedroom it has proven to be noisy. We get a fair amount of street noise which isn't a problem during the day but can be annoying in the middle of the night. I used this same room as a studio for several years. The noise will not be a problem for me as a studio and this will also give us an opportunity to refurbish the middle room.

The walls in the house are plaster and the ceilings are bead board. I love both materials but they do require touchups from time to time......all old "dolls" need that ya'know. All of this upheaval means I will be spending any studio time for the next couple of weeks in the wet studio. I'll be sure and share an image of my "new" studio room when we have things ready.

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  1. I thought we were the only one that moved around our house! With our 150 yr old Victorian, we, too, have had to frequently "reinvented" room purposes. My daughter's old playroom switched with the diningroom so I could hide the mess better. Now, its become a sitting room for her friends (of both sexes) so I can keep an eye on them (grin))! I'll be moving my sewing hole into my front parlor next year because of the coveted double french doors which closes out the rest of the house. My daughter is claiming my sewing hole for a new art studio for herself! Who knew that we were nowhere nomads too!

  2. Yes! I bet we are in good company. I remember the pictures you showed me and I believe I recall your front porch. These old houses are great for artists or for anyone who will love them. It may turn out that we have a large "tribe".

  3. I think we are all trying to create space where there isn't any! Thanks, Mari!

  4. Ditto mariquilts comment. Although, G. has the entire first floor and I had been the nomad until I claimed the dining room earlier this year. Good wishes for a fresh take on your rooms.

  5. Great to hear from you Christine! I think it has to be an art thing. We all see every space as a possible studio area...and why not! I really don't need a formal anything. ;-)