Saturday, September 10, 2011

From the Vault

Delicate Balance
Terry Jarrard-Dimond

The idea of a singular expression of your creative self is a foreign concept to me. Delicate Balance is made of wood, asphalt roofing and a stone and was made in the early 1990's.

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  1. "The idea of a singular expression of your creative self is a foreign concept to me."

    So beautifully said Terry. I love the delicate balance in this piece. There is a grace in the three dimensions quite different from two dimensions.

    I agree with you that creativity acknowledges no limits. I have loved weaving baskets, gathering natural fibers, throwing clay, and sometimes just piling found stuff I find - a feather, a leaf, some words in a poem.

    One of the things about an artists home is the richness - expression is everywhere.

    Create on my friend. ;o)

  2. Thank you Leslie! I did my Self Critique lecture today and it was well received and your work looked beautiful! I'll be in touch and tell you more.

  3. Hi Terry, you have a wonderfully rich history as an artist and I so needed to read some of your blog posts today so I could take a deep breath and dive back into fleshing out my own new directions with a bolder heart. I wish I could have attended your lecture, am sure the presentation was interesting and valuable. I hope you will share more of what you learned from doing this project on your blog.

  4. Thank you Jeanne. I do intend to share more of the lecture and I will be presenting it again in the spring in California. I appreciated your participation as well as all the other artists. I'm looking forward to diving back into my studio as well!!!