Monday, January 16, 2012

New Monoprints

Collaboration - Tom Dimond and Terry Jarrard-Dimond
watercolor, acrylic, ink jet transfers, crackle paste and more!

My recent article The Start of A Family Tradition shared the great experience we had as a family monoprinting for several hours. I mentioned a couple of prints I want to share with you now.

Tom has been exploring mixed media for a couple of years and is really on a streak and making some exciting work. The piece pictured above is a collaboration using a work which he began with layers of watercolor, acrylic paint, ink jet transfers and crackle paste. The images that "float" on the surface are monoprints I made during the holiday "print-fest". These prints were made on a very think chinese paper with acrylic paint and applied to the surface Tom has created using gloss acrylic medium. The one on top was applied with the printed image face down and the image on the bottom was applied face up. This allowed us to feature more texture in the first piece and more color in the second.

Touching - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
monoprinted and overprinted with acrylic paint on textured paper

This small piece is a print I created during that same session. It is acrylic paint on a textured paper and was printed twice. The paint was applied onto a small sheet of acrylic and then printed. You have to work fast as the paint dries very fast. I think this is great because you have to respond quickly. Tom has already matted and framed both of these pieces with beautiful ash frames he made. God bless you Tom ;-) Read more about our upcoming exhibition, Exploration + Evidence = Resolution.

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  1. Great idea! Have been meaning to do a collaboration with Jace lately too.

  2. Love these pieces! Just followed the link back to the post about your upcoming show...very exciting! I know Syd Cross through my printmaker husband....she's a wonderful artist and wish I could see this show!!! Alas, South Dakota is a long way away! Best wishes! -- Patti

  3. Collaborations are very meaningful and your works are so inspirational here. Grace made visible. Peace and blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Thank you Shayla, Patti and Mary Helen! I appreciate your support very much.

    Patti, I will tell Syd you mentioned you. I have heard her talk about the workshop in SD many bowling ever involved?

    It's wonderful to have my work along side Tom and Syd as they are wonderful artists.