Sunday, February 5, 2012

Evidence + Exploration = Resolution Opens

The opening reception for Evidence + Exploration = Resolution was Friday evening at The Arts Center in Greenwood, SC. I'm pictured above with my work, Plus Blue.

It was really great to see work, mine and the work of my co-exhibitiors Tom Dimond and Sydney A. Cross, installed in such a beautiful environment.

Each of us spoke briefly about our work and what, content, technique and our thoughts on the title of the show.

Syd is pictured here in front of a huge bank of windows and beside the beautiful reception table. The Arts Center is a repurposed Federal Building on Main Street and it is beautiful.

Syd is a printmaker and has taught her medium at Clemson University for many years. Much of her work in this show focused on cultural issues and issues dealing with endangered animal species.

I am shown here in front of Personal Space which is one of my newest works developed using surface design techniques. I am one of those people who talks with their hands and blinks just as the camera clicks. The image demonstrates those two habits nicely ;-)

We had a good attendance at the reception and we all enjoyed talking with the guests. It was a very friendly and welcoming community of art supporters.

This installation is a little tight but I loved seeing the relationship between my small work on the left and one of Syd's prints on the right.

This is a nice grouping of Syd's prints over the title of the show. I congratulate Jennifer Smith and all the staff for doing a beautiful job arranging and installing the show. Designing and installing a show by three different artists working in three different mediums can be a big challenge and Jennifer met that challenge. I heard many compliments on her behalf.

The three pieces on the right are by Tom and one of my works is to the left. In years past we have had several shows together but then we took a break. Last year we showed at USC Upstate in Spartanburg, SC and now in E+E=R. It has been lots of fun and we hope to do more.

I invite you all to drop by The Arts Center and show our show which will be up until

To read more about the concept behind this show click HERE.

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  1. Looks like a great show, Terry. Sorry I can't see it in person!

  2. Thank you Connie. It is always so good to see your work in a beautiful space with work of others that you respect. I'd love for you to be able to see the show. Maybe oneday.

  3. Congratulations for such a wonderful exhibition...I wish I could see it in person. Peace, mary helen fernandez Stewart

  4. Thank you Mary Helen. I'd love to have you see the show. I appreciate your support!

  5. Thanks for sharing some views of your exhibit. I love your big geometric quilt (and not only because of its beautiful turquoise)!

  6. Thank you Marcia! It was so much fun to see that work hung. Yes, turquoise is your color!!

  7. Congratulations on a beautiful show! Your work looks really wonderful. I particularly like the photo of you with Plus Blue - what a great piece!

    1. Thank you Nancy! It is such a treat to have my work shown in such a lovely space with other work by artists I love and respect.

      Plus Blue is pushing me to the dye studio;-)