Monday, April 2, 2012

New Binding for Plus Blue

I am pleased to announce that my piece Plus Blue has been accepted into the Studio Art Quilt Associations show, Sense of Scale.

This show will debut at the 2012 Houston Quilt Festival where it will be installed using a very specific hanging system requiring a specific hanging sleeve. I'm like most of you (I suspect) that adding the hanging sleeve is my least favorite part of the entire process for completing a work so I wasn't exactly thrilled to receive this news. SAQA sent a nice "packet" of information about how to prepare the new sleeve including a link to directions prepared by Libby Lehman.

I printed the directions out and began. I confess that I didn't totally understand the point of some of the steps until I made the first sleeve but it turned out so nice that I made a bottom sleeve for my piece and one more sleeve for a different piece before I stopped and sewed one to the work. Viola! It's lovely.

So what is so different? Well for one thing it is a single thickness of fabric. I've always made mine double for fear of someone carelessly jamming the hanging rod into the sleeve and tearing something. Libby also shows a clever way to create fullness in the sleeve to accommodate a rod. She also incorporates a very easy way to find the center and sides of your sleeve to be pressed and stitched. Thanks Libby!

The interesting part of this is that other than the single layer of fabric, I did all of these things with my old process but not in the same manner and the results were not as nice. Yes, Old Dogs and all that ;-)

Here is the link to the directions which Libby graciously agreed to share:

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  1. those are excellent directions! I end up with the same result but I think her method is a little easier than mine -- I'll try it her way the next time I need a sleeve (which is going to be any day now....)

    thanks for sharing

    1. You bet Kathy. I ended up attached all three of the sleeves I constructed and they were all very tidy and easy to work with. Thanks!