Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anthony Sorce

This week I am featuring artists from the Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago.  All of the work of these artists attracted me in part due to their use of shape, texture, color and the overall feeling that while the work has been made with paint, paper etc., it could have been constructed with fabric.  Anthony Sorce is the second in this series.

Crossover - Anthony Sorce
acrylic, dry pigment, gel on board
20.75" x 16.75" framed, 2005

Those of you who know my personal work can easily see why I might be attracted to Sorce's work.  His interest in shape and space are both very important to me.  I also connect to the statement on the galley site about his work:

"Anthony Sorce is committed to developing a physically engaged way of making art that is open to chance.  He wants to be simultaneously involved in and removed from his process, harmoniously melding ideas from both Abstract Expressionism and something closer to Conceptual Art."

Journey - Anthony Sorce
acrylic, dry pigment, gel on board
23.25" x 19.25" framed, 2005

You can view more of this body of work at: http://anthonysorce.com/home.html


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  1. Beautiful work, Terry. I can see why you would like it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tom. The quality of composition and his use of paint makes him a welcome guests on this blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Mia. It is always such a kick to find work like this!

  3. Luscious colors, layers, textures and great combo of fine line with bigger shapes. I love the description of being "simultaneously involved in and removed from his process". He is the master of controlled chances. Thanks, Terry, for another fab intro.

    1. Thank you Ellen! Yes...I call his process "controlled random".....same thing. Great to hear from you.