Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vadim Katznelson

 Blend - Vadim Katznelson
acrylic - polymer gel on board
21" x 9.5", 2012

This week I have been featuring artists from the Roy Boyd Gallery.  There has been something about the work of each artists that for me, connect the work at least visually, with textile materials.  My last artist is Vadim Katznelson whose focus, according to the gallery, is "pushing the paint".

Polar Moment - Vadim Katznelson
acrylic paint and mixed media on board
43" x 66", 2010

The gallery states that there is no element other than paint used in the making of these objects.  Despite that knowledge, I can not look at these works without seeing the potential for working with fabric in a similar manner.  There is no disrespect intended to Katznelson and the process he has developed.  I love it, especially the shiny surfaces and the smears of colors.

To see more of Katznelson's work visit:


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