Friday, December 14, 2012

Longarm Quilt Survey - Not Your Mother's Sewing Machine

A few days ago I posted a "call" to readers regarding their personal experience with longarm quilt machines.  There are many brands and varieties of these machines and I'm interested in hearing from you about your experiences.  Here is a link to that post.

When I posted the questions for this "survey", I didn't think about the fact that we are just a bit over a week from Christmas and how that might stop people from taking the time to write.  With this in mind, I'm going to keep the "call" open until the first of the year and see what response I receive.

I am reposting the questions I included in the first article.  Answer them all or any you choose.  The responses will be posted in part or in total.  All responses will be kept confidential and no names will be published.

Here are the questions:

 1.  What brand and model of machine do you have? (please tell us the arm size)
 2.  Why did you buy this specific machine?
 3.  What did your machine costs?
 4.  How long have you had the machine?
 5.  What type frame do you use for the machine if it requires a frame?
 6.  What features have been most useful?
 7.  What features have been least useful?
 8.  Is there any feature you wish you had?  This can be something that is available or not.
 9.  Have you had any serious mechanical or computer issues with your setup?
10. Would you buy the same equipment again?
11. Would you recommend your machine and frame to your friends?

If you wish to make a brief statement about your experience that isn't covered in the questions, please do so.

Please send your responses to by December 16th and I'll get right to work.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for spending time at Studio 24-7.
I love hearing from and I hope you will send me information
about your longarm!
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  1. I am amused at my own ignorance: I'm not really sure what a long-arm sewing machine is. I always thought that folks who machine quilt use a conventional sewing machine. I do basic construction stuff with my Pfaff machine, but quilt by hand, so I'm afraid that I am of no use whatsoever for your survey, sorry. But thank you for contributing to my education by inspiring me to go to look it up now.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. Longarm quilting machines are big business. They are wonderful pieces of equipment but they are also a major investment. I hope I get a good response because it's great to hear what works and what doesn't. xo, T

  2. that old Singer looks like it has a pretty long arm itself. I wonder when machines started to shrink

    1. I believe you are right when you compare it to most of the inexpensive machines you see in the marketplace...perhaps some of the more expensive ones as well. Your question about "when" is an interesting one. Of course it's always about money. I suspect the more expensive offerings for "home machines" have longer arms. Thanks for commenting. xo, T