Monday, March 11, 2013

Passport to The Arts - Clemson, SC

This past weekend I  participated in an event called Passport to the Arts.  The evening is structured as a tour which visited 4 exhibits, one at Clemson University and 3 around the town of Clemson.  This fun adventure is sponsored by The Center for Visual Arts/ Lee Gallery, Clemson University, The Arts Center, The City of Clemson City Hall and Clemson Area Transit Authority.

Passport holders can begin at any of the 4 venues, have a glass of wine and appetizers, view an exhibition and when they are ready to move to the next venue they catch a bus which arrives every 15 minutes.  In addition to the art, each stop featured entertainment and some other experience.  Example:  At Lee Hall  we were invited to choose our favorite work and write a brief statement as to why we choose that work.  Our statement (unsigned) was posted next to the selected piece and we were awarded a homemade cupcake.  Tasty.

The music at the different locations ranged from jazz to classical and was well received.  In addition to this entertainment there was entertainment on each bus.  We rode with a saxophone player and twice with a poet.  We head there was a magician and a comedian on other buses.  

Book 1 - Tom Dimond
Mixed Media Painting
First Place Award - Clemson Artists Guild Exhibition

Tom and I were well represented in the exhibits for this tour as we were part of the Couples Show at the Clemson City Hall and the Artists Guild of Clemson show where Tom was awarded the First Place Award.  

The other two exhibitions were the Clemson National Print and Drawing Show at Lee Hall and an invitational show by Judy Verhoeven and Stan Dubose at the Clemson Area Transit facility.  

If you are involved in promoting the arts in your area I highly recommend this as a format you might consider for a fun evening.  I believe this was a fund raiser.  Each venue was responsible for providing the refreshments and the event had great corporate support from: Oconee Medical Center, Duke Energy, Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet Cadillac, Genesis, Palmetto Spirits, Wells Fargo, The Willis Candela Group, and Sign-A-Rams.

Note:  The town of Clemson has undergone a huge transformation since we moved here in 1975.  The entire commercial part of the town has been in the process of revitalization for several years and we have a very nice/new City Hall and transit facility.  In fact I'm told that the CAT building is a sort of model for energy efficiency and it's handsome as well.

So grab your Passport and get out and see some art in your town.  Hurry or you might miss the bus.


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  1. Thanks for including my painting in your blog Terry. I enjoyed the evening as well. I thought the groups did a great job promoting the event and the entertainment and food was a real bonus. A fun and unique event.

    1. This comment came from my husband, Tom. I sometimes use his computer so the comment registered as coming from me. Thanks Tom. I'm very proud of the beautiful work you are doing!

  2. Wow, Tom! this is so different from your recent work! I like it.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I'll make sure Tom sees your great comment. His work has been growing by leaps! Fun to see and wonderful to see the results.