Monday, August 5, 2013

The Thread Nest - A New Blog

My Thread Tower

Today I'm announcing a new blog The Thread Nest which will be a simple pictorial documentation of the love of thread in the form of "thread nests".  This term refers to the beautiful mass of multicolored thread that often develops in baskets, bags, boxes, drawers etc. when artists and stitchers of all kinds work with thread.

Top Basket

I will be putting an image with a link to this blog in the sidebar of Studio 24-7 where you will be able to see that a new thread nest has been added.  From The Thread Nest you will be able to link to the new artist website or blog and perhaps find out something special about their thread nest.

Basket Two

Basket Three

This is wool needlepoint thread for a commercially printed canvas I purchased recently.  It might be finished in 2020.  Sometimes it's fun to just follow the pattern.

Basket Four

This is the bottom basket which holds everything from embroidery thread from my mother, beading  and metallic thread to string. I sorted the colors and types of thread a few times but it always goes back to this.

So click on the link and stop by.  Not much there just yet but it will grow.


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The Thread Nest.

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  1. Nice nests. Great idea. I will search for a nest of my own, alas it might take some investigation throughout my room as my late momma wrapped all my embroidery thread and made my sewing thread neat and tidy.

    1. How lovely of your mom. I'll also have a few tidy nests to show. Look forward to seeing what you have. xo, t

  2. What a great idea! I've several nests that could shared as well. How would go about doing so?

    1. Great! Just send me a 72dpi image or 2 of your thread nest and a short statement about your many years you've collected, etc. along with your website or blog link and in time I will post on The Thread Nest and use your image on my blog. Look forward to receiving! Send to

  3. Wonderful new project. I'll check in from time to time to see the new posts.

    On a completely different subject...I went to IQF Long Beach yesterday and saw "Plus Blue". There were "no photos" signs so, I couldn't take a photo to send you. It was a treat to see your artwork in person. Amazing artwork!

    1. Thank you for "reporting" and for your generous comment. Happy to have work out and about.

      Send me your Thread Nest picture and a short statement about same! 72dpi. xo, T