Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy Week at Studio 24-7

Charmed and Dangerous - Charm

This has been a busy week with a mixture of life events.  I did work in my studio this week completing the remounting project I have written about and then I took time to clean and try to regroup.  Mid week my mother had a spill and fractured her ankle which isn't a good thing at any age but especially if you are 96.  She's doing ok with a Boot and escaped surgery.  

Saturday was the day Tom and I picked up our new kitten, Jackson, who is pictured below.  The beautiful kitty pictured about is his half sister, Charmed and Dangerous, who is called Charm.  We had not originally planned on getting two kittens but decided it would be nice for Jackson to have some company with four legs and we are delighted to have Charm.

Action Painting - Jackson

Jackson is 13 weeks old and totally full of energy and silliness and soft as a.....kitten.  Very cute.  Charm is 14 months old and still and a bit more reserved trying to figure out who the heck we are.  She met our bird Mr. Pettyjohn this morning and I can see that this is a relation that is not going to work.  Our last cat passed away this fall.  Latte was 18 years old and had no interest in Mr. Pettyjohn.  I'll have to be on guard.

My mind is never far away from my studio regardless of all the other things that go on in our lives.  My new interest in music (piano, African drumming and even a little Ukelele), yoga, cooking and eating better add variety to the most important thing which is family and friends, even those with fur.

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  1. Wow. Two kittens! Lucky you. Coincidentally we have adopted a new cat from the local shelter this month. A companion for our 5 year old, who misses her buddy, Malcolm, the wonderful studio cat who died in January, but will live on as the Poster Boy of Compositional Conversation. Life is better with a cat in my studio.