Monday, March 17, 2014

Open Media Art Exhibition Opportunity Open to All

Nyx - Goddess of the Night
Terry Jarrard-Dimond
fabric, dye, ink, tea, stitched
Merit Award 2013 - Anderson Art Center Juried Exhibition

There is an ongoing conversation in the world of "art quilts" or sometimes textile work in general about how this work is perceived by artists who work in other media or how it is seen by the general public.  The concern is that our work is seen as a lesser technique.  It has been my experience that lack of appreciation for the medium is a result of lack of familiarity with the work that is being made in the textile field today.  One mistake I think we can make is limiting ourselves to entering shows that only accept textile work whether it is centered around art quilts, weaving, felting or any technique specific qualification.  I encourage artists who work in textile mediums to mix it up with the painters, print makers, sculptors etc. and show their work in a broader context.

We are fortunate in South Carolina to have a number of museums, art centers, and our own South Carolina Arts Commission who support all mediums and one of those is currently in the process of accepting entries for their annual juried show and entry is open to All artist with no residency requirements.

The Anderson Arts Center, Anderson SC is accepting entries for it's 39th Annual Juried Show through March 29th.  The show is open to artists 18 years old or older and the work can be in any media.  You can download a prospectus to read all the details at:

The center has two large galleries where the work is presented.  This exhibition is supported by the community with high attendance at openings.  The show has generous award money which this year totals $12,050.  Some of the money is awarded in prizes including a $1,000 Best of Show, $500 Second Place and $300 Third Place.  Other awards are a special $1,000 purchase for their permanent collection, 23 Merit Awards (a few of these are media specific) and 14 sponsored purchase awards.

Most of the work for this show is either hand delivered or dropped off at specified locations around the state.  However, I checked with the director of the art center and entries can be shipped but they must be in reusable boxes and return a shipping label must be enclosed.

I hope some of you will consider this exhibition opportunity and if not this one, look around in your community for open media shows where you can spread your wings.

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  1. Thanks Christine. I'd love to see your work in this show!

  2. I saw Morpheous in person. I wish that I could see this award winner in person as well.

  3. If I'm reading the prospectus correctly, artists must submit the actual artwork as well as deliver and pick it up in person. This seems at odds with the open-heartedness of "no residency." Do you know anything about that?