Monday, July 13, 2015

Act On Your Ideas

Stonewall - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
hand painted fabric with stitching

I ended my last article in this series with the admonition that you must Act On Your Ideas.  This is so important.  Over and over I hear creative people share this idea.  You must act and if you aren't in a position to get to your studio when you have a great idea you must note it somewhere.  Just today I heard an interview with a singer-songwriter and he related that if he gets an idea in the middle to the night he gets up and records his inspiration whether it is a complete thought or not.  

Creative inspirations can be very fickle and fleeting if not made real.  Ideas have their own time schedule.  This idea doesn't apply only to art, it applies to all creative endeavors.  Napoleon Hill was a famous inspirational/self-help writer.  One of his catch phrases which lots of other people now use is JUST TAKE ACTION.  (Does this sound familiar....Just do it!)  Two of Hill's most  famous works are Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Attraction.  Hill gathered the material for his work by interviewing the most famous men of his time. (I am confident were he doing his interviews today there would be women included.)  From these giants of industry and letters he found certain elements and ways of doing things that were common to them.  Taking action was one of those elements.

You don't have to be fully formed to get started on your work.  If that were true no one would ever start anything. But we live in a society were everyone wants to be a superstar and often find it difficult to be a beginner.  Think of all the great people and of their amazing journeys to reach the tops of their profession.  They were beginners who took action.

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