Monday, February 15, 2016

Get On Up!

After dealing with a badly damaged knee from my teenage years I made the decision to have a knee replacement.  I did that on Feb. 3 and I'm now working on getting back on my feet and getting back to some level of a normal life.  I've done well and see improvement everyday.

I'm sharing this with you to encourage anyone out there that has knee issues to consider the surgery rather than suffer.  I went through years of pain and tried all the preliminary treatments.  Each of those worked for a short time but did not fix the problem.  In addition to the knee pain my legs were so out of alignment it was impacting my feet.  I'm hoping this procedure will give me relief in my feet as well as my knee.

Find yourself an excellent surgeon who practices in an excellent hospital and make an appointment.  I found a physician who had universally good recommendations from his patients including one close friend who had great results with this doctor.  If you don't feel comfortable with one person look for someone else.  Anyone who lives in the greater Greenville SC area can contact me and I'll give you more information.

I am having physical therapy at home until week after next and then I will have about 8 weeks of in office PT.  Not the fun part of the process but so far it hasn't been as bad as I expected.  Your therapist should not be a physical terrorist but rather someone that understands that gains can be made without pain.  I'm not a hero.

I hope to be back in the studio before too long.  Right now I'm knitting a gift for our neighbor's soon to arrive baby.  The baby is due soon so I have to work fast!  My cat Jackson tried to help me last night and I had one huge mess to unwind this morning.  ;-)  Knitting is not really his best skill.



  1. Hi Terry,
    I hope your healing comes at comfortable pace. I'll be thinking of you!
    Big Hugs,
    Denise Roberts

  2. ah, Jackson . . . such a willing and giving spirit.

  3. Healing thoughts going your way! Been there twice. Sounds like you did everything right except waiting maybe too long but getting the best doc is the key to success - so you did good!

    1. Thank you Janis. Sounds like you are indeed an expert. I may have to have the second knee done but I'll just have to see how things go when I really am back at full speed. Than you for your healing thoughts.