Monday, October 20, 2014

New Books for Your Library

During the past year I was very pleased to have work selected for publication in two books:  the ultimate guide to Art Quilting and American Quilts The Democratic Art.  

The ultimate guide to Art Quilting, written by Linda Seward, is an amazing compendium of processes  used in the creation of an art quilt.  The book is heavily illustrated with the use of photographs, drawings and diagrams.  I recommend this book for anyone from beginner to experienced artist who is looking to add "something" new to their studio practice.

The second book, American Quilts The Democratic Art, is authored by Robert Shaw and is actually a revised and updated version of his 2009 book of the same name.  This volume covers the history of quilt making in the US as well as the social background of the times.  The book is filled with high quality photographs of the entire spectrum of quilt making from Colonial times to the present.  The book is inspiring both in the work that is presented and the stories that go with the work.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

What the Arts Teach

This week a friend posted a link to an interesting article listing the top ten skills children learn from the arts.  I read the list and agreed totally.  

The skills listed are:



Problem Solving



Non-Verbal Communication

Receiving Constructive Feedback




What a great list!  All of these life skills packed into cutting and glueing paper, splashing paint and squishing clay. Don't forget how much fun this is for kids either.

The best part is that it don't have to stop with children and it doesn't stop with children.  I've witnessed the light in people's eyes during a class when "they get it".....meaning that they have solved some art problem or had a meaningful critique.  I've seen people hone in on their work and how the successful completion of a work gives the maker confidence to make another piece or put their work out for others to enjoy by entering a show or having an exhibition. 

I could give examples of how artists demonstrate all the listed skills in order to pursue their passion and live their lives.  Whether they learned these skills in art class or not these are skills that can be applied to every aspect of life.  Remember this the next time your school board suggest the cutting of art and music classes  as a way to lower costs.  Speak up for quality education and quality of life.  There are benefits far beyond standardized tests.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Intersecting Paths

Hard at work during Design Bootcamp 1 at the
Crow Timberframe Barn.

I'm sitting in my hotel waiting for time to head to the airport after a week of teaching at the Crow Timberframe Barn in Baltimore Ohio.  I just had breakfast with two of class participants as we all decompress of an exciting week of exploration, discussion and working to better understand the Elements and Principles of Design and how to use that basic information in the development of art.

Classes or workshops of this type are intense and jam packed with information and insights but one of the wonderful pleasures is how the experience fosters new relationships and long lasting friendships.  If you participate in workshops over a couple of years you begin to see people you have met previously.  You know their work, where they live, their sense of humor, something about their families and many other details about their lives that in other situations might take years to uncover.  Friendships are cemented with a mix of desire to move ahead in your art practice while doing that in an open studio where you are not only under the eye of an instructor and classmates but often students from other classes as well as an occasional visitor.   Tension is often released through casual conversation and door to friendship is opened.

I value the many friends I have made in classes I have taken and classes I have taught.  If you have not yet ventured to try a workshop I highly recommend it as a way to push yourself ahead in your work and learn something new.  I also think you'll make new friends and connections and that's always a good thing.

Hello to all of my friends and thank you to the people who over the past few years have invested in their art by studying with me.


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I just read a blog by Lynn Krawczyk that I totally understood.  Her blog is Smudged Textiles Studio . Lynn expressed her realization that she needed to relax about her blog and I get it.

This summer has been a real test of my ability to juggle lots of commitments.  All of them good and from different areas of my life but a few weeks ago I found I just couldn't keep up and needed to let a few things go.  My blog was one of those things.

During this break (which will continue at least until Sept. 29) I realized I've said about all I have to say on many of topics.  I still enjoy sharing what I am working on and always enjoy posting about artists I've discovered or known for years but I've decided that I need to be more relaxed about writing an article during weeks when I'd rather be doing something else.  Done.

Next week I will be teaching at Nancy Crow's Timberframe Barn and hope to share some of that week with you.

Exploration/Evidence, my work and work by Tom Dimond, is still up at Greer Campus of Greenville Tech and Riverworks in Greenville and I invite you to drop by.  The two shows are well hung and I loved the choices the two galleries made as to what to hang.

See you soon and...

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Exploration/Resolution - Tom Dimond and Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Continuum - Tom Dimond

Exploration/Resolution is now open and features my recent textile work and recent mixed media painting of my husband, Tom Dimond.  The show is being presented at two sites, Greenville Technical College and Riverworks Gallery in downtown Greenville, SC and in the Visual and Performing Arts Department galleries on the Greer Campus of Greenville Technical College.  

Obon - Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Both Tom and I will be giving a gallery talk at the Greer Campus on Thursday, August 28 at 4:30 p.m.  We will also be on hand for First Friday, September 5 at Riverworks Gallery 6-8pm.  The exhibition and gallery talk are free and open to the public.


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