Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Textile Construction #5

The insights and lessons of doing a weekly small experiment continue. Like most artists, I generally only show my best work to others, whereas here, I am sharing the work with you no matter what the results because for me the important thing is not the specific results during any given week, but what I learn from doing that's weeks project.

As I began to think about TC #5 I found another piece of fabric I had made in response to the video on Committed to Cloth entitled Creative Fabric Dying. My results were not pleasing or interesting (or so I thought at the time) and the color was bad. It was done using a piece of fabric that is not my usual fabric and it is kind of thin. However, I feel my eye for marks is changing and I spotted a stack of strips I had cut from some of this fabric and decided to attempt to use the discarded fabric in a piece.

The photos show clearly that there is a front and a back to this fabric. I liked the back. I selected three three strips, each with a different pattern.

This is of the front of the fabric.

This shows the back of the fabric. There are much stronger linear markings.

This shows the 3 pieces I choose to work with.

I pieced them together and turned the unit 90 degrees clockwise.

Here you can see the Unit. I then choose to keep things simple by using red, yellow and green thread to quilt and add details and texture.

After quilting I decided I needed another element and I discharged the 12 dots with Soft Scrub. The fabric discharged to yellow which worked well with the red/yellow spiral. Because I discharged the dots I had to wash the piece so there is more overall texture.


1. The stripes created on the back of this fabric make me think of strip piecing. I think there are some nice possibilities here if the color were nicer.

2. I like the overlapping background spirals made by the quilting. A nice way to repeat an element.

3. I may dip this little fellow into another dye bath just to see if I can pump up the color. I'll let you know how that works.

The color in this study is so unattractive that I could not resist playing with it a bit in Photoshop. Still not good but perhaps better.

Next week I am going to return to TC #2 and attempt to do another piece like that but this time WITH INTENTION. Better color and the knowledge gained while making the first piece.

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