Friday, May 15, 2009

Textile Construction #5 Makeover

For those of you who read the previous post on Textile Construction #5, you know that I was not pleased with the color of the piece and mentioned that I would attempt an over dye. Well, here are the results.

The color is not especially pleasing this is certainly warmer and more interesting. I decided to paint the dye on rather than do a dye bath. I mixed Sun Yellow dye powder into print paste and added Mixed Alkali to activate the dye. This mixture was gently applied to the face of the work with a sponge brush in order to leave some of the original color deep in the stitch lines. The piece was allowed to cure for about 8 hours and then hand washed and air dried.

As a result of this adjustment of color, the red quilting lines standout and while it is not visible in this photograph, there are spots of the previous color in the quilting and wrinkle "ditches" which add additional interest by highlighting the surface texture.

You can find the formulas for print paste and mixed alkali (and much much more) in a wonderful book by Elin Noble entitled: Dyes & Paints.

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